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Is Print on Demand / Drop Shipping a Waste of My Time?

Feb 28, 2021

In a word, yes. 

There's no easy way to put that. I've been in this game for 23+ YEARS now. I've seen it all.

Lemme help you save a ton of time, effort, energy, resources, and money!

First of all, MOST drop shippers are scams, okay. SCAMS.

If you don’t know what a drop shipper is, basically, they are someone who holds inventory on your behalf and ships for you.

They always get the products wrong and you end up spending so much time and energy cleaning up the mess THEY make. After all, it’s YOUR store, YOUR name is on the line.

Something breaks in the mail because they didn’t wrap it right, it’s on you.

They send the wrong product, it’s on you.

They don’t customize something or customize it wrong, it’s on you.

They send the wrong blogs promotional materials, that just sucks.

It’s all on you.

You deal with the cleanup.

You deal with the complaints.

You deal with the mess.

Likewise…let’s say you run a blog, and you have...

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How to Write to Your Email List Without Sounding Like a Pushy Salesperson

Feb 03, 2021

I grew up, being bullied as a child, so I stuck to myself. I did the things I liked to myself. It was rare that I'd have a friend, but when I did, we were usually inseparable. It was the one person I could trust NOT to bully me. 

All my life, no one's really cared what I had to say. All this knowledge and jewels inside of me but no one cared. 

That IS...until one day, after my ex-husband was long gone and I was living in a house that was nicer than my friends (according to them and what they said). 

I remember one time, a friend from church asking me what apartment # I lived in when she wanted to visit me. I said, I don't have one. She showed up and was in awe. She was in her 50's and was looking to buy a place like the one I had. 

It was then and there that people started listening to me. They wanted to know how I, as a single mom, could afford all that I had. 

After all, they said, "My husband and I make $60k/year and we don't have no where near...

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Canva, PowerPoint, and Excel vs. Pro Software

Feb 02, 2021

I'm not a huge fan of Canva, PowerPoint, Excel and the like.

Low quality software like those programs are totally fine for:

  • creating designs as a hobby
  • creating freebies
  • creating Pinterest pins

But if you are looking to SELL printables, you don't want to use those programs!

You want to create high-quality, professional, and unique designs using professional software like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, or Adobe InDesign.

Here's some of the main reasons why... 

1) Customers won't come back

Many of your customers, unfortunately, have low-grade, basic printers and all your breathtakingly beautiful work will just come out blurry! E-gads!!!


Your customers will get mad at you, spread the word, and never come back. :(

Before you even get your store OFF THE GROUND, you fail because you shot yourself in the foot.

While you can get away with low-quality programs if you're giving printables away for free, if you're wanting to make some...

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Getting Traffic to Your Shop Without a List or Following

Jan 30, 2021

How do I get traffic to my shop without an email list or social media following?

How do I build a following when I'm first starting out?

What is working best for traffic these days? Considering there are TONS of free printables out there now. How can I really get MY stuff seen?

Why would anyone buy from ME when they get it for free from everyone else?

So many people are saying to buy Facebook ads right now and that's the only way you can get sales. Is that true?

What is the best way to get traffic/high quality people to my shop? Is it still Pinterest? SEO maybe? Something else?

What would you tell someone if they wanted to build their list super fast nowadays? What's working NOW?

It's enough to make your head spin, right?! Or maybe, your head just spins off and falls to the floor. And you look up at your body and you're like, "Where did I go?" haha. 

I been watching too many movies lately. LOL.

Point is, this is serious stuff and you're not sure where to go to find the answers....

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Photoshop Elements vs. Adobe Illustrator

Jan 26, 2021

When I first started creating printables, I used Photoshop Elements for the first 3 years of my printables store life. After which, I started using Illustrator. I STILL use Elements on occasion but now my go-to product is Illustrator at this point. 

With that said, there are many things to consider when choosing the program that's right for YOU and it all depends on your purposes in using it. There is no right or wrong program to choose here. Again, it just depends on you. :) Let's take some time today to really talk about the differences so you can make an educated decision! <3

1) Are you a photographer or a graphic designer?

Elements was developed more for photogaphers/bloggers and Illustrator is more for graphic designers/printables. 

How does that play out? 

Well, let's say you're creating a pin, you're working with a picture (a photograph), Elements is the easiest place to do that. Whenever I'm working on my pins, my go-to program is Elements. Illustrator is a...

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Etsy vs. Shopify

Jan 24, 2021

Are you struggling to choose between Shopify and Etsy? When you begin your exciting journey to sell products online, Etsy and Shopify are two of the major brands you'll see discussed online, and both have their raving fans. So which one is the better? 

Although on the surface they may seem similar, Etsy and Shopify are VERY different platforms. Etsy works more like a marketplace (think eBay or Amazon) whereas Shopify is an ecommerce platform to allow you to create your OWN store (think: no competition).
Etsy does have some favorable qualities, such as:
  • It's REALLY easy to set up and get started
  • Built-in traffic and engaged fans on the platform
  • No monthly subscription cost for Etsy Standard
  • Great analytics
However, there are quite a few limiting factors with Etsy that FAR outweigh the pros! In this module, we'll take a look at these factors and why it makes Shopify a much better choice!

1) Fees

With Etsy, they do not charge a monthly...
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WooCommerce vs. Shopify

Jan 24, 2021

WooCommerce sounds so nice. Doesn’t it?

Think about it, you have your own blog and store platform to sell your products in. Lovely right?

Well, in my opinion and experience I’ve realized that WooCommerce isn’t that great and I don’t personally feel like you can reach great success on this platform because of its massive limitations.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons why Shopify is clearly lightyears ahead of WooCommerce

1) Your store can get hacked with WooCommerce

WordPress accounts get hacked all the time, and there’s not really any one-on-one support unless you decide to pay lots of money. So, one thing to consider is your blog getting hacked. But, can you imagine having your store be a part of that hacking? Your customer lists, emails, orders, they can get in there, see it all, and do some REAL damage to not only YOUR stuff, but your entire customer base as well as all your products you’ve set up in your store.


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BigCommerce vs. Shopify

Jan 24, 2021

Recently, I had the opportunity to start up a BigCommerce store. I’ve been going through Shopify for a little over a year now. Last year (my first year having a store, I made $1.7 million dollars in revenue), so I was looking for a way to up my game with my online printables shop.

After setting up ALL my products on BigCommerce, a long and tedious task I assure you, as I currently have 85 products, I decided to stay with Shopify.

While I found the BigCommerce platform a little more robust than Shopify, Shopify has a couple perks that BigCommerce does NOT have, and those couple of things, are VITAL to my business. Something I am not willing to give up!

As I’m getting a lot of questions about the differences between BigCommerce vs Shopify, and why I chose to stay with Shopify and what’s right for them, I thought it was a great time to create a post, BigCommerce vs Shopify Reviews, to give a more in-depth answer than the one I’ve been giving out...

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Amazon vs. Shopify

Jan 24, 2021

Once upon a time in a land far, far away....kidding. lol. Once upon a time, I WAS a #1 Best Seller on Amazon. Most all my ebooks hit the #1 Best Sellers list WITHOUT giving any books away for free! Yep. Totally different strategy there on Amazon, isn't it?!

It's something I was good at and accomplished very easily. But when you're new and just opening up your Shopify store, it can be pretty scary to transfer everything over from Amazon to Shopify. And you CANNOT have a book in Kindle Amazon (KDP Select) AND on your site. It's against Amazon's policy. Here's where it talks about "Exclusivity" on Amazon.

It states: "All content enrolled in KDP Select must remain for sale through the Kindle Store only. If the digital version of your book appears to be available for pre-order, for sale, or for free elsewhere (such as on your website or blog, or a third party's website), it is not eligible for KDP Select."

So why would a person, hitting #1 Best Sellers lists consistently,...

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47 Reasons to Set Up a Shopify Store

Jan 24, 2021

Starting a Shopify store has quite literally changed my life forever. I remember having my own store on eBay (I've sold on eBay for over 21 years now) and while I was at the top of my game, one of the top five sellers in my niche with over 41,000 other ads to compete with, this massive store I owned with 700 ads, the most I ever made on that platform was $3k/month profits.

For that $3k/month, I had to work 80-120 hours a week. I had to ship every day and help customers and constantly be photographing new products, listing new products, finding products in which to sell, driving around town and spending time searching for deals online.

It was a great business to have. Something that I could fully support me and my two little ones with, but working so much like that, it wasn't getting me anywhere. If I stopped the "system", I lost my income.

I was in essence, trading time for money, something that employees who work at a traditional job do. Something that *I* didn't want to do....

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