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Shopify Plans and Pricing

Jan 24, 2021

Setting up my own Shopify store has been one of the best decisions I have ever made in my blogging career. Although you can make money from ads, affiliate marketing, etc. I think that having your own products adds so much more value to your audience and positions you as a leader in your market space.

Ever since I set up and filled my store with beautiful and useful products, I have been able to enjoy life more. Whereas I was working 80-120 hours a week (not a typo) for over 4 years, NOW, I only have to work 9-10 hours a week and I make a cool $7+ MILLION dollars a year in revenue from my Shopify store alone (here’s my printables store)!

This is not even counting any blogging, personal, or misc. income (you can see all my current Shopify store income reports here.)

The point is that, I don’t have to be online 100% of the time anymore. I can work very little and make great income because the income is passive. Once it’s set up, it’s set up and you...

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