Your Goals Are Not Really YOUR Goals!

When you picture your life and how you want it to be, I bet you picture something that someone else has.

I mean, admit it, we ALL do that from time to time, right?!

I was working so hard in my business, so many hours and I was trying to get to the place that my peers ahead of me were.

One day, I was listening to something by Melyssa Griffin and she said that we need to figure out what WE want in life and it's okay if it doesn't LOOK LIKE everyone else.

Gotta admit, it was really convicting to my heart!

I took some time and really thought about what I wanted that others had and what I really wanted, apart from them.

I don't want my life to look like others.

The people I used to want my life to look like: they dress fancy and have really big mansions. Their videos are flawless. THEY are flawless. Their hair is perfectly in place. They have a lot of people following them. Usually millions.

But I realized what it TAKES to HAVE THAT.

To have THAT particular kind of life, they have to have 25 employees and work 60-70 hours a week just themselves (not including employee time). Their husbands usually take care of the kids. And there's a lot of role-reversal there.

The husband cooks, cleans, takes care of the kids. The woman works.

That's fine for them. If that's what they want.

But as a believer, it's not what *I* want.

I don't wanna feel like I'm always "on" and I had that. I was there. Millions followed me, and it was crushing me. No one knew it. The demands. The responsibility. The hours. The never ending requests.

I learned that I couldn't do it all. That I didn't want that life. I had it and realized I didn't want it.

So when Melyssa said you can have a life that's NOT like other people, I mean, it was huge for me.

I don't want that life. I don't wanna be that blogger.

I want to make money yes, but I don't want to sacrifice my entire life, my family, my friends, my TIME on Earth to have it. I just don't. And it's okay if you do. That's totally fine.

My point is that you can have whatever life YOU WANT.

It doesn't have to look like anyone else's.

I have a $26k car, not a $60k car. I have a $400k home, not a $1M home. I dress how I want, not fancy. I dress how I've always dressed. I have the things I want. I do the things I want, but I'm not bound by it all. I don't have to keep up appearances for anyone. I don't live in a snowglobe like they do. Like I once did myself. I'm free.

Once I realized that she was right, things started changing. *I* started changing. I started working on the things that *I* wanted.

And I have my life how I want it. Is it perfect? No. I want to move near the ocean and I will in the next year or so. But that my life is so full of thankfulness for where I am in this journey, and I'm not sacrificing my health, my family, my friends, for status. For money. Not anymore!

And BECAUSE I'm not doing that, I make MORE money!

That's when I really started flying. When I started working on my OWN goals and dreams. When I realized I could have the life I wanted. Because I think that sub-consciously, I DIDN'T want what they had and my sub-conscience knew and so it was blocking me from HAVING money in abundance like I do now.

Your first task in this course journey is to write down all the things you want that other people have. Then write down in another column, all the things that YOU want, just you, that have nothing to do with others.

Really take some time to go through each thing on your list and determine if it's REALLY what you want. Is it REALLY worth it to you, the things you'll have to sacrifice to have it.

So many people have done this exercise and they come out feeling so much freer. They say stuff like, I wanted to make a million dollars a year and now I realize, I really only want to make $200k. I don't need more than that. $200k/year for me would be way more than plenty. It would give me enough to really accomplish all my goals and help me be a much more giving person also.

Then, when your goal is $200k instead of $1M, you start to become a lot more free. You feel better in your soul. There's so much less pressure. When your less stressed, you will be happier and make more.

So this is a very important task to do and the perfect place to start in your journey.

Do this exercise every single year by yourself and have your husband do it too. Then come together and devise a plan of how you want your life to be TOGETHER.

When you do this, you will have PEACE. And peace...leads to more money!!!