How to Set Yourself Apart From the Crowd

It's raining right now, and I love the rain. It's so clean and fresh. It waters the trees, flowers, and shrubs, and clears the air of all the gunk out there.

But it makes it difficult when you're trying to spray your landscape for weeds. The leaves from the fall also need to be cleaned up, and my shrubs leading up to my walkway are different sizes now. I need to have them trimmed all the same size.

So, you find a landscaping company. You need to hire out some tasks.

There are two packages that they offer.

One is just for mowing your lawn. You need your lawn mowed, they mow it. Very simple. That's the package you select. Your lawn looks decent. Maybe you handle the rest of your landscaping tasks, or pass them on to your kids, and pay them. You get by.

It's average. You have a maintained lawn.

This is what most people choose. This is the majority of a landscapers clients. They do a lot of mowing.

THIS, my friend, is your product.

Your product is average, it gets the job done. You charge a minimal fee for it, and call it a day. You deal with a lot more problems because of the type of clientele you attract.

And while this may offend some people and that's not my intention, as I've been there, someone just buying lawn mowing for years and years and years.

When it comes to products, you don't WANT to be average.

See landscaping is just LIKE your products.

And the SECOND option, the second, tier if you will, is where YOU wanna be!!!

The landscaping company offers a package that includes leaf cleanup, spraying your lawn for weeds, spraying your grounds for weeds, shrub trimming, tree trimming, and bug killer on the lawn (we have bad hobo spiders here!).

The second tier, this second package is more expensive. But you're covered. You don't have to work as hard because a lot of the "ground work" (get it) :) is done FOR YOU. And you're happier, because you have enough on your plate, and don't wanna have to deal with it all.

The landscaping company provides peace of mind to you. They completely take off this burden, this hassle from you. You're a lot happier that it's taken care of by experts, and your landscape looks beautiful. It's very well maintained, and your home looks better than your neighbors.

THIS, my dear friend, is the place YOU wanna be with YOUR products.

I sell a blogging course called Honest Bloggers Academy.

So do a gazillion other bloggers. What makes MY course sell at a much higher price tag than others?

I'm not just mowing a lawn.

I'm spraying weeds.

I'm taking over some areas, and helping them more in depth.

I'm taking care of things, and doing a deeper course than many others do.

I talk about a lot of different topics, topics that other courses leave out.

It's a COMPLETE package of everything you need to have and to know, to run a successful blog. I work hard on filling those gaps, filling the holes so you don't HAVE to buy a bunch of courses elsewhere. You just need MINE.

It's so much EASIER to buy ONE course instead of 10, to get the same information.

With 10, you forget logins. Can't keep them straight.

My course is a WHOLE WORLD. A world where everything is taken care of. Are there holes? Sure, but I work really hard to fill them every time someone brings me a question.

Whatever you do to make money online, you need to know which kind of landscaping company you want to be?

Do you JUST wanna mow lawns?

Or do you want to sell special packages that fill ALL your audience's needs on a particular topic?

You ABSOLUTELY CAN work less for more money, but mowing lawns is the hustle, and special packages are where the money is (for less hours). It's a place you have LESS COMPETITION. Not many people can go where you are going.

Go further. Don't be average. Be life-changing. Be the landscaping package.