Sell courses

I started selling courses on Teachable 9 months ago (at the time I'm writing this).

Within my very first two weeks, I made $97k. I assure you, I thought it was a fluke. lol. But here I am, 9 months later and I feel like I'm just BARELY getting started and I've already hit, yep, you guessed it 7-figures.

I don't run any Facebook or paid-for advertising at this time (I hope to start soon, but haven't as of yet). It's all just my email list and word of mouth.

Listen, I love what I do, and I'm telling you right now that there's a goldmine of income you can make online and you can do it in just about any way you want. I've been making money online for 22 years!

I made money when I first started way back then, I make more money now.

Point is, you can absolutely make money online.

Will it be easy? No. Anyone who says it's easy, is a liar. Unfollow them.

It IS real work, but listen, I work around 10 hours each week, and my assistants work 5-10 hours a week (currently) and I make $5.1 million dollars a year right now in revenue.

I have my dream life and I love teaching others how to do it too.

Chances are you have something inside of you too.

It just always seems to be the way that we don't REALIZE what we have inside of us is something that others would LOVE to buy!

One of my friends is OB-sessed with Spanish. He just LOVES everything about it. I keep telling him that he needs to start a course on teaching Spanish. A whole blog really and some courses. There's so many people out there who WANT TO LEARN that type of stuff and a classroom or a book isn't the way for them.

Personally, if I learn a foreign language, I'd learn with YouTube videos or a course. Not from a book or studying mind-drilling, boring exercises all the time. So videos are perfect for that.

Another friend of mine is in bookkeeping. She runs a bookkeeping business for many, many years and is also a blogger and a new course creator. I told her one day while in a conversation, "Hey, you should create a bookkeeping course for bloggers!"

It never dawned on her. She just took the information, the skills for granted because she does it every day.

Think of a professional organizer. I'm super good at organizing and yet, I take it for granted like, "Doesn't everyone know this stuff?" But I went to another friend's house and she was talking about how she desperately needed to hire an organizer.

Things WE take for granted, things we do every day that seem trivial or not worth anything, there are a lot of people willing to pay for it.

Really dig deep. Ask your friends what they'd want you to teach them.

Start paying attention to conversations. What kind of questions are your friends asking you?

Is it all about saving money?

Maybe it's all about how you rock ebay sales.

Really think through it and see if you see topical patterns there. Because there really is SO much you can teach.

After you figure out you want to create a course, and you have a topic, you need to have a strategy of how you'll price it and how you'll market it. In February 2020, I'll have a course coming called Tender Heart Launch Academy™ that will teach all about how I make my 7-figures on Teachable and how I'm able to sell so many courses.

There is a lot of strategy that goes into it and it's a lot of fun for me. :)

You'll also want to check out my, How to Price Your Course with Confidence course, because more than likely, you'll UNDERPRICE yourself and shoot yourself in the foot, not making as much money as you deserve to be making. So be sure to check those two courses out!