Mow a Lawn

I feel like this is something that's a super easy way to earn money on the side. I guarantee you, there's a single mom somewhere down the road from you who can't afford a whole lot to mow her lawn and can't do it herself.

Perhaps her boys aren't old enough yet and she's always looking for help.

Maybe there's an elderly couple in your church or even someone who's disabled who can't mow.

There are also people out there that don't have TIME to mow or just don't want to. Professionals who work a lot.

For me, it costs me $40/week to have a company mow my lawn. It's outrageous the pricing of what literally takes them 15 minutes. That's $160/hour they are making there. :)

Why not do it for someone for $25 or even $30/week?!

Also, a lot of lawn companies will only mow weekly.

That's how it is here. Companies refuse to mow every other week.

I try to get them to mow every TWO weeks, because I KNOW it doesn't need to be mowed weekly. But they won't do it and it ends up costing more (double).

You could charge $40, but mow every other week, saving them $80/month, all while making money yourself.

For example, maybe you mow your own lawn. Why not mow your lawn and theirs at the same time?

Yard work can be really helpful to people and you can make money.

Here's some ideas:

  • Cutting tree limbs
  • Trimming shrubs
  • Knocking down bees nests
  • Putting lawn fertilizer on
  • Opening and shutting grates outside houses in the summer/fall
  • Pulling weeds
  • Putting weed spray on
  • Spraying for pests (here's the product professionals use)

Think about all the different things you could do.

Make a flyer of all that you can do and put a flyer on each house on your street or in your little area with your phone number on it. Here's professional templates you can create for $2.99 (no watermark).

You could get some clients that way. Or ask around at church. Talk to real estate agents. They are always looking for people to refer to their clients. :)

To get a good sense of pricing, you can call around in your area to see what other places charge, but here's a list of what the current rates are here in my area:

  • $45 initial mow
  • $35 each week mow
  • $35 per application of weed spray (because they spray the weeds, they also pull them as needed)
  • $45 applying fertilizer (weed and feed) on lawn (here's a spreader settings guide)
  • $75 for trimming 12 small bushes

This is for a 8,712 sq ft lot size.

Here's a month by month guide to lawn care (what to apply and when) by Zamzows.

You also might want a lawn care contract with your client. You can grab a free template here.