From Overwhelmed to Making Money on Autopilot

It took being in a wheelchair to really wake me up.

After my ex-husband left this last time, 5 years ago, I had a good plan to STAY a stay at home mom. I knew what to do to make money from home. I sold on ebay full-time. I worked about 60-80 hours a week and made around $3k/month income.

It was a great gig. After all, I’d been selling on ebay for 16 years at that point. I had a well-oiled machine. But this machine I had, was dependent upon me.

*I* had to ship.

*I* had to drive around looking for things to sell.

*I* had to stay up all hours of the night getting those deals online.

*I* had to clean items before packaging.

*I* had to list items.

I started blogging simply because I wanted to help people. I figured if I could just make $1k/month in blogging, that would be fantastic. I could stop ebay (a life-sucking platform I tell you!) then I’d be happy. That was my simple goal. Make $1k/month blogging. Get off ebay.

But blogging was dependent upon me too. And I ended up making more, yes, a lot more, but working 80-120 hours a week.

Tired, I started drinking coffee. It went well for a few weeks, and then it didn’t.

I was raising my blood pressure, killing my adrenals, and got sick. I got pneumonia. My mom had just died. I was launching a product and everything went to crap. 😭

I started fainting. 😵 When I woke up, my foot was hurt. I tore a tendon and ended up in a wheelchair for a very long time.

Tears. God used that experience to make me realize that…

  • Don’t drink coffee (lol)
  • You can’t work 80-120 hours a week for longer than 3 years

I knew I needed a change. A drastic change. I needed to make money WITHOUT having to work so many hours. So, my goal was to work 40 hours a week, you know…like normal people. 😊

Three months into selling on Shopify at that point, I knew, I just KNEW that Shopify was my golden ticket to working less hours. Oh, I didn’t care if I made more money, actually, I’d take a lot LESS if it meant only having to work 40 hours a week and getting my LIFE BACK!

That’s the time in my life where I really started taking it more seriously. I wanted to stop working so much. It was literally killing me. That day I fainted, I thought I was going to die. I thought my life was over. I remember thinking, “This is it. It’s over. I’m done.”

I started setting things up automatically. Everything I possibly could, I set up on auto-pilot. I went through, made a list of the things I did every day, and automated it all. I hired more help so I could have them do things that I needed to in order so that I could spend time making more products, knowing I was investing in my future.

After I’d get one system up in place, I’d immediately start working on another, and another, and another. Until my life was pretty well automated.

  • Emails to my email list follow a very distinct pattern.
  • My blog posts are all systematized.
  • Customer service emails are systematized.

I just went crazy and automated absolutely everything in my life…down to buying groceries online from Albertson’s, instead of going to the store to buy them.

And, after about a year of automating everything, I got down to working 40 hours a week. I tell you what, that was the happiest day of my life. Okay, not really, but pretty close. 😊

It only sky-rocketed from there. Then, I started DELETING things. I looked at the return on my time investment on EVERYTHING I was doing. Was this making me enough money to justify doing it or do I make more money doing this other task over here?

Over time, as I kept working hard to automate and delete, I now proudly can say I only work 10 hours a week. 🎈🎉✨

My assistants work a combined 7-10 hours a week. Quite literally, my entire $2.4 million-dollar Shopify empire, my blog, and EVERYTHING Sarah Titus, LLC. does online, is all accomplished on 20 hours a week.

I don’t know what top influencer you can ask that makes at least a million dollars a year, can say their whole system is run part-time. I feel like it’s quite impossible. And yet…I do it!!!!

This week, my week looked like this:

Wednesday, I worked 10 am – 3pm. The tasks included:

  • Facebook marketing
  • Comments on the blog
  • Email responses in my personal and business email boxes
  • Did my finances/bills (which I loathe doing...I need a husband to do that for me!) 😜
  • Created my Shopify income report monthly post
  • Worked on getting course testimonials
  • Answered a bunch of coaching questions I used in two places (a newsletter and the income report post) Hint: always try to get double-duty out of your stuff, no matter what it is.
  • Checked reviews on Shopify

Thursday, I spent 1 hour responding to comments, questions, and emails as well as checked reviews on Shopify.

Friday, I worked 1 hour. I fixed a blog post link, made a post go live now (early), and checked my reviews on Shopify.

Saturday, I spent 20 minutes offering free coaching advice to a friend, which shouldn't really count as work time, yeah? 😊

Sunday, I spent 30 minutes checking reviews on Shopify, took care of all my personal emails (got to ground zero which I like to do every weekend), took care of Facebook and Instagram comments. I don’t answer any business emails on the weekends anymore. I have found that when you do customer support on the weekends, people are rude and nasty and expect you to answer them >THIS< second. It feels as if they disrespect you and so in order to maintain respect, I stopped answering business emails and customer support emails on the weekend, although I do check that email and I have an assistant who lets me know if there's any "fires" (basically, an emergency).

Monday, I didn’t work.

Tuesday, the only thing I did all day was write this (which will double as an introduction for the course as well as an email newsletter post) and check and respond to emails, which took an hour for both.

This whole week, I’ve worked less than 9 hours total.

My life is extremely stable and peaceful. I’m not out there hustling, working my tail off like I used to.

For me, Shopify HAS been my golden ticket. Not only for the money, yes $2.4M/year is awesome, but for something MORE important…time.

To me, time is the most important. With time, I can have a quality life. I can spend time with my kids. I can enjoy life.

Shopify for me has been something that ISN'T dependent on me.

See, I make good money without promoting it. It flows in and I really don’t even HAVE TO promote my Shopify store in order to make money. I could literally take a year off work and still make enough to survive, and that’s what I’m looking for. I’m looking for something that would give me my LIFE back, not make me a fainting zombie 🤢 because I’m so dead tired from hustling all day every day.

I’ve got a REALLY good thing going and now that I’ve got all this set up, I want to offer that same thing to YOU.

I want to show you what’s possible with Shopify. I want to show you how you can make enough income to live on without having to do a lot of work. Oh, yes, there’s work to be done initially for sure. But after your store is set up and you’ve got it all built and going, it basically runs itself (even more so if you have an affiliate program for your store, which I personally do not).

The only thing you have to do is take care of customer emails (something you can hire out easily), update your products or add more products, create your newsletters, and approve your reviews.

There really is very little to take care of. You can do all that and market your store on maybe 2-5 hours a week (depending on if you hire out customer service emails or not).

And that’s what you want. You want to enjoy your life. You don’t want to spend the rest of it slaving over something that is dependent on you. Time is very valuable and you understand that.

That’s why I’m here. That’s why I’m teaching this. Because I see too many moms out there with a cuppa Joe in one hand and cradling a baby in the other. They are tired, worn out, and exhausted and don't have to be!!!!

Shopify is the golden ticket. It’s the answer to having a sustainable, nearly auto-pilot business that generates revenue for your family.

You cannot get better than that. And I wanna teach you all about it.

This is but ONE of many Shopify courses to come!!! So hold onto your seat because we're gonna fly fast!