Facebook Group Rules

Here are the Facebook group rules:

1) Absolutely NO asking or sharing of HOW products are made/created or any Shopify/Teachable teaching questions allowed. This group is for sharing and getting free stuff only. No strategies, advice, or teachings will be tolerated.

2) You may not list on behalf of someone else. It needs to be your OWN Shopify store or Teachable courses.

3) Shopify stores and Teachable ONLY. Absolutely NO other stores/platforms are permitted.

4) Please double check all discount codes BEFORE listing them in the group.

5) All items shared must be $0 or have a discount code to bring the total down to $0 but it must be something that is regularly SOLD (as in, not free).

6) No redistributing the free items, unless specifically given rights to do so. Basically, don't get a free item and give it to 10 of your friends. Share the discount code instead.

7) Be kind and polite and keep all products and speech family friendly.

Anyone caught breaking rules will be removed from the group.