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WooCommerce vs. Shopify

WooCommerce vs. Shopify

With all the platforms out there, is it better to go with your own site like WooCommerce or a hosted site like Shopify? Find out today!

Etsy vs. Shopify

Etsy vs. Shopify

Etsy is a major company for selling things like printables, right? Which one is best? Do I have to market with Shopify? All these questions and more are answered! Check it out!!!

Photoshop Elements vs. Adobe Illustrator

Photoshop Elements vs. Adobe Illustrator

Hands down, both programs are awesome and you'll love both of them, but which one is right for you? That depends on how you answer the following question...

Amazon vs. Shopify

Amazon vs. Shopify

After hitting Amazon's Best Sellers List a few times, without giving anything away for free, I know what it takes to make it. So which is the better platform? Find out here!

Canva vs. Adobe

Canva vs. Adobe

Struggling to choose between Canva vs Pro Software from Adobe? If you want to create high-quality, professional, and unique designs, then here's what you NEED to choose and why!

Shopify Plans and Pricing

Shopify Plans and Pricing

Need to figure out how much running a business on Shopify will REALLY cost you? Here's everything you need to know!




ūüíƬ† Testimonials

"Sarah I just want to thank you for everything you do. You inspired me to move my products from Etsy to Shopify and I am making so many more sales! Today I had ONE order for over $80! All digital products. I still have a long way to go but Every time I here the Cha-Ching I smile and think of you. So thank you so much!!!"

-¬†Adrienne,¬†thrivingchildcareshop.com¬†(Million Dollar Shop¬ģ)

"Sarah's experience and wisdom in blogging and running successful Shopify stores are PRICELESS! I am so grateful she listened to God's nudge in telling her to create her Shopify course. Million Dollar Shop has everything you will need to start, build, and run as a successful Shopify store! The amount of value Sarah packed into this course is unbelievable. Sarah's ability to share her faith and motivate throughout the course is outstanding. My confidence in starting our own Shopify store now has gone through the roof. If you are looking for a course to guide you through step-by-step how to launch your own Shopify store, look no further than Million Dollar Shop! "

-¬†Kelan,¬†TheSavvyCouple.com¬†(Million Dollar Shop¬ģ)

I am generally very hesitant about buying such programs. I have been following Sarah for many years now begining with the "How to Blog", but I never enrolled in it. But when the MDS was presented, I must have it! You never know what you are going to get when you make a purchase like this one, we made, my daughter and I.¬†But believe me when I say, you have nothing to worry about with this MDS Course!¬†Sarah does not hold anything back.¬†Sarah shares everything needed to start a Shopify store to earn extra income on line. We are now learning so much now about different apps, programs, it Ľs hard to imagine all of the possibilities. I will always be thankful for the new doors opened by Sarah Titus!¬†Sarah is one in a million, and so is this MILLION DOLLAR SHOP course!"

-¬†Leialoha¬†(Million Dollar Shop¬ģ)

"Absolutely love, love, love this course!! I will admit, I've taken my fair share of online courses and honestly, this is BY FAR the most practical, no-nonsense course I have taken to date. The content truly lays down, step by step, how to build a robust Shopify store. It then goes into the marketing process and customer service which are SO key to the sales process and overall customer experience. If you've ever done a Youtube search for starting a Shopify store, you'll know how limited the information there is! I've been following Sarah for about a year now, and love that she is bold gives advice that goes against the grain but it works!!"

-¬†Nicole¬†(Million Dollar Shop¬ģ)

"The Million Dollar Store course is an amazing resource for those wanting to have their own sales platform. Sarah gives clear and easy to understand, step by step directions from the reason behind having your own store, to the tech side of setting up a Shopify store to giving encouragement to be different and be yourself. I have followed Sarah for years and value her honesty and integrity. While she has not failed to deliver on quality once again, I think she has outdone herself!"

-¬†Dina-Marie¬†(Million Dollar Shop¬ģ)

"Sarah's Million Dollar Shop¬ģ course is absolutely amazing. Not only is it very detailed but she includes EVERYTHING you need to set up a successful Shopify store. She has helped me to feel confident in what I am doing with my new shop. I've taken a lot of online courses over the years on various topics and this, by far, was the BEST (and most detailed course I've ever taken)!"

-¬†Addi, shop.addiganley.com¬†(Million Dollar Shop¬ģ)

"I LOVED EVERYTHING Sarah shared in her course!! I initially questioned myself - what else could I learn from her since I've been doing e-commerce for the past 5-6 years - but I thank God I bought her course and have learned so much from her! Her information is nothing like what I had expected and realized that I've been doing a lot of things the wrong way. I went with a different platform (not Shopify) and quickly implemented what I've learned from Sarah's course and the information has helped 5x my sales! I'm SOO grateful! Thanks again Sarah for creating an amazing in-depth course! <3"

Follow up: I opened my Shopify store and within my first 3 days of the shop going live, I made over $315!

-¬†Janice¬†(Million Dollar Shop¬ģ)


"I have taken courses over the years, and often, they make it feel complicated and.... "yucky", like you need to deceive others into sales. Taking Sarah's Million Dollar Shop¬ģ course is so refreshing and so inspiring. She teaches what she preaches, give-give-give, then show a product that will bring value to the customer that is for sale. Her methods hold a higher standard of business.¬†I have felt an incredible shift during her courses.¬†I am EXCITED for business again, and I can't wait to see the success's that following her method in the Million Dollar Shop¬ģ course brings! She is a blessing! Thank you, Sarah, Thank you MORE than you could ever know!"

-¬†Larissa N.¬†(Million Dollar Shop¬ģ)


"I am in Sarah Titus's Million Dollar Shop course and her Top 13 Things to Sell in Shopify That Make The Most Money as well. I can tell you that she covers everything. She explains why Shopify is the go-to platform. She includes detailed tutorials on how to set up your shop, and what works and what doesn't. The best part? You are being trained by someone who has made more than 2 million dollars in her first year on Shopify. She is not new to the scene but has proven herself to know how to profit with Shopify. When I buy a course, I want to be trained by someone who has not just worked with a system but is a smashing success at a system. But above all else I want to work with someone who values integrity in everything they do. That is who Sarah Titus is, and why you can be confident in purchasing her courses."

-¬†Bonnie¬†(Million Dollar Shop¬ģ)


"I needed a shot of motivation so thought "Ooh I need a bit of Sarah's enthusiasm!". I logged into the course to find new content! Lovely surprise! I can't believe you still add to it. That's certainly going the extra mile. Thank you so much. Your course has been the best value I've ever had for my money ever. Thank you." 

-¬†Donna¬†(Million Dollar Shop¬ģ)

"It (Million Dollar Shop¬ģ) is genius. It is golden nuggets you will not find anywhere else online.¬†I've been online for 10 years and have never seen the things that Sarah teaches.¬†If you think it's just a basic course, it's not. If you think it's just about setting up a Shopify store, it's not. It is a whole huge business model. It is so thorough. Sarah is one of the hardest working people I've ever virtually met online!"

-¬†Kristie¬†(Million Dollar Shop¬ģ)

"I'm still working on implementing all the things from your Shopify course but the last 2 months have been my highest grossing (I went from $500-$700 to $1,000 last month)."

- Sam,¬†shop.simpleeverydaymom.com¬†(Million Dollar Shop¬ģ)


"It's hard to put into words how grateful I am to have found Sarah & the Million Dollar Shop. I am a person who will spend days, weeks & months researching & researching...I mean crazy detail! When I found Sarah I just stopped! Everything I needed to know in one place, backed by a real genius genuine person who can't do enough to help you (plus an amazing shopify support team), All the boxes were ticked. Thank you, thank you, thank you xx"

-¬†Elaine¬†(Million Dollar Shop¬ģ)

"I had no experience selling digital products at all, only physical products. I wasn’t sure how to sell digital products in Shopify. Sarah’s course changed all that. In about half a day, I was able to set up a digital products Shopify store that customers would buy from. Sarah details how to set up your store so that you look trustworthy and convert customers with ease. Million Dollar Shop is a very meaty course with 15 modules and even a free course binder. Over the Christmas holiday, I made hundreds of dollars in my sleep!

In an average month, I make $500 right now. My blog is currently getting about 50k visitors a month. I do not use any paid advertising of any kind to get these sales. Sarah told me how to drive organic traffic to my store from my blog in her Million Dollar Shop course."

-¬†Becky,¬†shop.mombeach.com¬†(Million Dollar Shop¬ģ)

"As a newbie to Shopify I was super excited to find Sarah’s class. It has made all the difference. She gives step by step directions to set up and link your account with tons of screenshots and directions. She also added a bunch of little extra hints that I never would have found on my own. Every time I go back in she has added even more material. I highly recommend this class if you want to open a Shopify account."

-¬†Amy,¬†sogoeslife.com¬†(Million Dollar Shop¬ģ)

"This is the most comprehensive step by step guide that will teach you the ins and outs of setting up a profitable business on Shopify."

-¬†Faith,¬†formommiesbymommy.com¬†(Million Dollar Shop¬ģ)

"Before I started using Million Dollar Shop¬ģ I was struggling to figure out how to set up a Shopify store the right way.¬†Using Million Dollar Shop¬ģ has allowed me to understand on a deeper level how to set up a Shopify store to help out my customers.¬†I would recommend Million Dollar Shop¬ģ to anyone that wants to start up a Shopify store the right way.¬†Sarah Titus dives deep with what you need to do and I love this course so much!"

-¬†Allorah¬†(Million Dollar Shop¬ģ)

"I strongly believe that investing in yourself is the key to a successful business. However, you must choose your investments wisely and learn from people who know what they are talking about. Over the years, I've wasted time and money on substandard courses created by people who were not the best at what they were doing.¬†Million Dollar Shop¬ģ Blogger Bundle has everything you need to set up a blog and Shopify store taking you on the journey from complete beginner to expert. No stone is left unturned as the inimitable Sarah Titus holds you by the hand and teaches you each and everything you need to know.¬†The information in the course is so comprehensive, I refer back to it almost every day. Sarah knows her stuff! At the end of it all, she even critiqued my shop and blog and helped me to elevate my work to the next level.¬†I cannot praise this course highly enough and I'm so grateful for Sarah and her teaching."

- Janice, 

shop.nonscreenactivitiesforkids.com¬† ¬†(Million Dollar Shop¬ģ)

"I’m so glad I found Sarah’s courses and was able to grab all three! (She had an awesome sale going on!) It’s by far the best investment I’ve made for my printables shop. I revamped my entire shop with all of Sarah’s specific advice and followed all of her suggestions! I love how detailed she is in instruction (lots of helpful screenshots!!!) I highly recommended Sarah’s courses for Shopify. As a matter of fact, I need to review them myself because she is always adding new stuff!"

- Jen¬†(Million Dollar Shop¬ģ)

"I received the Million Dollar Shop, Top 13 Things To Sell on Shopify, and How to Create Printable's. I have taken classes over the Internet before but was completely blown away at the curriculum that was so thorough like nothing I've ever seen before. She made it to be seen as if you were sitting beside her taking the courses live! The things she teaches you step-by-step the tiniest details is something you could not learn on your own in the 21 years experience that she has. She shares her secrets, her sources, something that no one else would ever give out. I never thought I could be anything more but through her courses I've realize that she is giving me the foundation to have a wonderful life grow my skills knowledge and be able to provide for my family after not knowing how I would survive from month to month before I took Sarah's courses. I will tell you now that you are missing out on the most wonderful God-given talent teaching you everything she knows and giving you her heart & soul with every breath if you do not sign up for these courses. They will totally change your life I give you my word."

-¬†Sarah Sutton¬†(Million Dollar Shop¬ģ)

"I have finally finished the Million Dollar Shop¬ģ course!!¬†WHOA so much info.¬†It will become my new asset for 2020. There's no way I can remember EVERYTHING Sarah has taught, so I will be going through it again & again & continuing to implement more.¬†Lots of AHA moments & lots of, ‚ÄúOh, that's how she does it‚ÄĚ, moments.¬†I find Sarah so savvy, kind & generous. If you‚Äôre wanting a massive up-skilling course in Shopify, this is HIGHLY recommended. I am 3/4 through the Honest Bloggers Academy¬ģ course, which is also GOLD. The printables course hopefully is next."

- Kylie,¬†happyjoydecor.com.au¬†(Million Dollar Shop¬ģ)

"I knew I wanted to open my printables shop but I honestly have no idea how to get started. This course changed everything! There is so much good content that you can't find anywhere else. I've got it all set up and I feel confident using Shopify! Thanks for the great course!!"

-¬†Amanda¬†(Million Dollar Shop¬ģ)

"Don't let the title fool you. This isn't just a list of things to sell to make money. It is more like 13 courses in one. Not only is there a detailed explanation of each item and why it sells well, Sarah mentors you with business tips, marketing strategies, warnings, where to find resources and how to work smarter. Sarah's obvious attention to detail in her binder products translates to top-of-the-line training in her courses. Even though her personal experience with selling is extensive, she goes the extra mile and interviews other successful Shopify sellers to give you an even broader view of what is possible. If you need someone to show you the way to sell online, you will not regret choosing this course or any of Sarah's courses to help you build a business."

- Stephanie (Top 13 Things to Sell in Shopify)

"You probably know you should create products to serve your audience. And you might even know that Shopify offers a great platform for doing just that. But how do you know which products people want? Which ones will sell, so that you spend your time working on things that matter? These are questions I was asking myself not too long ago, until I encountered Sarah Titus' course. Besides sharing proven tips about the best products to sell on Shopify, she also offers TONS of advice about practical things like organization, pricing, and even what NOT to do. When I finished this course, I was overflowing with ideas for products I knew my readers would love."

- Jennifer, shop.adivineencounter.com (Top 13 Things to Sell in Shopify)

"Get great ideas for what to sell in your store in this course. It's quick to go through, took me a few hours and you'll have ideas to get you started. Sarah also shares what has worked for her and what hasn't. And she is constantly encouraging you to take the ideas she gives and create your own spin on them. It's not a sell this and you'll be successful course. It's a here are ideas to get you started. So you can take something that works and make it your own unique and profitable item for your shop for your unique customers."

- Shelly, store.frugalfamilyhome.com (Top 13 Things to Sell in Shopify)

"Sarah has made a fantastic course that has been extremely helpful to get my shop off the ground and establish a solid foundation. Her insight and experience have been incredibly helpful in making my dreams seem possible. Since taking this course I have been able to share with my readers a variety of printables they have been asking me to create. Before I took this course I was battling with the idea if I should create faith-based products. With prayer and Sarah's insight, I now can say I am confident these are the next products I am going to create for my readers. Thank you Sarah for being a blessing!"

- Kim, ourhomeliving.com/printables-shop (Top 13 Things to Sell in Shopify)

"The 'Top 13 Things to Sell in Shopify That Make the Most Money' course has given me much more than I thought when I purchased it. Of course it tells you what products to sell, but it goes much deeper than that. Sarah writes about mistakes to avoid, her trial and error moments, what failed, what succeeded, and her thought process through each step. This helps me to think like the successful business woman Sarah is, which is simply priceless. While I was taking the course I had a blank document open to type notes and half way through the lessons I realized I had filled an entire page with product ideas that would work for my niche. I got to work right away creating my printables and I am confident I am on the right track."

- Lamora (Top 13 Things to Sell in Shopify)

"I’m slowly starting to work on my new blog, but I’ve always known that creating and selling my own products was my end goal. This course has helped TREMENDOUSLY in guiding me and showing me the best way to make a successful shop. I had soooo many random ideas flying around in my head about what products I could come up with, and I didn’t really know where to start. But after going through this course, I now have a MUCH clearer, and more concise, vision of how to tackle this!"

- Megan (Top 13 Things to Sell in Shopify)

"I’m a seasoned designer with a Bachelor of Fine Art in Graphic Design, so I wasn’t sure if Sarah Titus’ How to Create Printables course would benefit me. However, I did not know how to create printables using Photoshop (Elements), so decided to sign up. I learned how to find the best graphics, several Photoshop (Elements) techniques, how to create coloring pages, and so much more. Sarah provides several templates that you can use to create your own printables such as gift tags, bookmarks, cards, planner layouts, and more. Within a few hours, I could create my own coloring page such as the one below."

 - Becky, shop.mombeach.com (How to Create Printables in Photoshop Elements)

"I would like to say thank you so much for making your 'How To Make Printables' class. I really think it will be a game changer for me. As a beginning blogger and not an artsy person, your course is changing how I think about my business. It is changing the way I view my work and my future projects. Your videos are super helpful to actually show how to build a project from start to end. They are invaluable! This course is packed full of little hints and ideas of how to view a project. I think you are truly a genius! Thank for for sharing your knowledge with me!"

- Laura (How to Create Printables in Photoshop Elements)

"I have to confess I was worried your How to Create Printables course was overpriced before I bought it... I was scared! But I'm diving in and I'm overwhelmed with all the information. Lol! It's worth every penny. Thanks for creating it. :)"

- Leah, loveandbluesblog.com (How to Create Printables in Photoshop Elements)

"As a former Business Education teacher turned blogger, I can tell you Sarah has done a phenomenal job putting together her 'How To Create Printables' Course. It is professional, well-organized, and full of information. From the templates she provides to her easy to follow step by step videos, she makes creating printables simple and straightforward, even for newbies like me. The course is worth it for the templates and videos alone but Sarah didn't stop there. She covers everything from color inspiration to where to sell your printables and everything in between. And she even shares her favorite places to get graphics and fonts. Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned blogger, there's something in here for you. If you want to learn to make professional quality printables, this is the only course you'll ever need!"

- Kim (How to Create Printables in Photoshop Elements)

"I recently completed Sarah's "How To Create Printables" course and it was incredibly informative! Her amazing tips have helped me create my first wall art on Photoshop Elements in under 30 minutes! Did I tell you I was completely new to Photoshop? That's just how fantastic and empowering Sarah's course is! If you want to create gorgeous and practical printables for your blog readers, or even just as a hobby, you have to learn from this professional who totally knows her stuff!"

- Faith, formommiesbymommy.com (How to Create Printables in Photoshop Elements)

"I came to Sarah's course as a newer blogger hoping to learn how to create quality printables for my blog. But what I've learned from this course far exceeded my expectations! The amount of information packed into this course was so much more than I ever anticipated, and it was all laid out in simple, easy-to-manage steps. In addition to detailed text, the course also includes very detailed video sessions and even downloadable templates. Sarah's teaching style is very down-to-earth and her instructions are so easy to follow. She goes into a lot of detail explaining how to set yourself apart by taking certain important steps to ensure your printables are of the highest quality possible. She shares all her tips on where to find fonts and graphics for the best prices, how to deliver printables to your audience, what types of printables sell well, where to sell your printables, and so much more. I started this course with little knowledge of creating printables and have walked away with a wealth of knowledge and the confidence to launch my own printables shop! This course was invaluable to me and I highly recommend it to others who want to learn everything about creating high-quality printables."

- Kristine Bessell, smartlivingmama.com (How to Create Printables in Photoshop Elements)

"When I decided I wanted to start a shop, I knew I wanted to sell printables! My readers loved my free printables, but I knew I needed to step up my game and learn how to make high quality printables that would set myself apart from the rest. Sarah’s course was exactly what I needed to learn how to make high quality, professional printables! There were so many things I wasn’t able to figure out on my own, like how to create coloring pages, and her course taught me exactly how to do that and so much more! Her course breaks the process down step by step and makes it so easy to learn! She shows you her exact process to create printables that will stand out in the crowd and sell!"

- Lindsay Lawless, paperheartsplanners.com (How to Create Printables in Photoshop Elements)

"When I was growing up, I didn Ľt think I had a creative or art talent in me. When I tried, I was laughed at, and the items I drew were mistakingly identified, ie, a path for a tree. I was discouraged so much I just quit. My mother always had so much art talent, and I was amazed at what I had seen her do. I am sad that I didn Ľt inherit some of that.¬†This course was an eye opener for me.¬†Sarah has videos on how she makes printables. So I gave it a try. How to Create Printables has¬†given me so much more confidence in my designing abilities.¬†That alone is worth the cost to me!

Not only that, but I have and am continuing to learn programs to help me learn more. I do have a creative side, and this program has helped me find it. Thank you, Sarah, thank you for believing, and sharing the wonderful talents you have with us. I am proud to say that I am well on my way to make and design my own printables.¬†It Ľs so worth it, this course  ĽHow to Create Printables. Ľ¬†You will not be disappointed. It takes you to a different level in designing!"

- Leialoha (How to Create Printables in Photoshop Elements)

"Sarah is unbelievable! I started looking into printables seriously a month ago. Until this course, I had no idea just how many different digital products one can make. This is hands down the most comprehensive printables course there is out there with step by step tutorials on how to make a wide range of items. What I love the most, is that printables are probably the easiest way to make money online while letting you use your creative energy in the process. Sarah is a genius and she's created a course that shows beginners how to make MANY different printable products, all in one place!"

- Nicole (How to Create Printables in Photoshop Elements)

"I've been selling online for 17 years and this course has broadened my view. I'm currently looking at other platforms including Shopify to build multiple sources of income."

- Stephanie H. (How to Make Money From Home)

"I have taken so many courses and webinars over the years-of all levels-I usually walk away thinking "that was really all stuff I already knew, I didn't really gain NEW knowledge". Your "How to Create Printables" course is not a lot of fluff, but a lot of new material!! I LOVE how you literally walk students through exactly your train of thought as you play with and alter each one. It was amazing to see you add, change and finalize each project. Each time-I kept thinking-that [printable] is so amazing!! And then, you changed it-improved it-in a way that I wasn't seeing as possible. Once I "sat" next you (via video) and had that experience-it changed the standard of how I want to create printables!! I can't wait until I can get the rest of this course completed!! This course truly is amazing!!"

- Tiffani (How to Create Printables in Photoshop Elements)

"Your courses are the real deal!" 

- Shaneka (How to Create Printables in Photoshop Elements)

"I have been struggling with what to do from home that aligned with my passions. How to Make Money From Home has not only given me ideas and suggestions, but plenty of how-to's and tips on getting started and sustaining yourself while starting a business."

- Misty (How to Make Money From Home)

"I see myself having more direction after using the information & skills that Sarah has created. I’m always excited about information that I have gained from her."

- Ginger (How to Make Money From Home)

"My absolute favorite was the Shopify section. I’ve been on fire ever since I read that part and then got your advice! I’m sooo close to launching. Taking pictures of meals was another mind blower!"

- Lisa (How to Make Money From Home)

"Some other courses I have taken from other people have not been what I expected but you are in a class all by yourself!"

- Tanya (How to Make Money From Home)

"I attributed my achievement of finally being able to build a small monthly income from selling printables as a result of your course! I love how clear your lessons were and even though I considered myself to be a tech idiot and non-designer, by following through How To Create Printables, I managed to master Photoshop Elements in a relatively short time!
I have fallen in love with creating printables ever since all thanks for your incredible teaching!"

- Faith,¬†faithsbizacademy.com¬†(Million Dollar Shop¬ģ)

I’m so glad I found Sarah’s courses and was able to grab all three! (She had an awesome sale going on!) It’s by far the best investment I’ve made for my printables shop. I revamped my entire shop with all of Sarah’s specific advice and followed all of her suggestions! I love how detailed she is in instruction (lots of helpful screenshots!!!) I highly recommended Sarah’s courses for Shopify. As a matter of fact, I need to review them myself because she is always adding new stuff!

-¬†Jen¬†(Million Dollar Shop¬ģ)

"My goodness, Sarah is so pure and unique in her perspectives!! I was going through her Business Secrets You'll Fall In Love With course and let me tell you I'm a course hoarder, I have NEVER seen this kind of advice. I found out the exact reason my last product bombed (check the "If It's Not Helping YOU, It Won't Help OTHERS" module, 2nd to last paragraph). She was talking to me, like, directly to me. Imagine that for your business problems!

Her techniques (e.g. the 3 yes principle, the last word rule and others) are so cool, beware, when learning these methods not to try these for anything but good purposes- that's how powerful you'll feel once you know!

She will explain concepts with her personal real life examples. If you follow Sarah for her love, support, and her positive vibes, then everything in the course is like her personal lessons- filled letters written just for you. So relateable and connecting, her point pierces straight into the heart what you may have heard and disregarded a hundred times before. She knows how to trigger your action buttons. Guys, she's expensive, I know, but do yourself a favor and use her lessons to shorten your success journey.

I wouldn't believe if someone said they followed Sarah's advice and didn't make money from their business, that'd be denying universal principles-- what Sarah's methods are based on! One could keep banging their head against them for as long as they liked but can't beat her ways. Period."

- Hena (Business Secrets You'll Fall in Love With)

"The section you added about focus in the Business Secrets You’ll Fall in Love With course, I think is such a great reminder that as hard as it is to not focus on you and your business, it is so important to remember the real people we serve through our businesses and that without those real people what would there be? Nothing… People need what we have to offer and doing it the best way we can by showing how we can serve them is so important and in effect, benefits them by understanding how we can help and why we are the help they are looking for and benefits us emotionally and spiritually also not just a monetary benefit. Thanks so much for helping us find the way to success!"

- Jodi, autismadvantages.com   (Business Secrets You'll Fall in Love With)

"I have been blogging for almost a decade with very slow growth. I’ve listened to so many conflicting voices from several different bloggers, that eventually I lost my clear path. They steered me down the rabbit hole of SEO and not building relationships. That is where I went wrong.

The tactics Sarah talks about in this course are exactly tried and true!¬†I‚Äôve seen real results since implementing them, minus the ‚Äúyucky‚ÄĚ feeling that comes from other blogging courses and strategies I‚Äôve tried.¬†When it comes to blogging experts, there is just so much ‚Äúfluffy noise‚ÄĚ out there! Honestly, a lot of information can be weak, outdated or even harmful.

As a veteran blogger who is trying to get over the plateau, I now only consume information from a couple amazing bloggers that I know and trust! Sarah is top on my list. I’ve known her for years. I was there at her start and watched her grow from nothing to a millionaire. She is one of the REAL ones guys! She actually cares and wants you to succeed and not just in blogging, but in everything you do! She has battled through adversity from the enemy that tried to silence her at every turn. But she prevailed and is literally rocking it!

In her course she gives actionable steps to implement at every level of blogging. Whether you are a new blogger or a veteran that has hit a plateau like myself, you are sure to grow with her course.The Honest Bloggers Academy is jammed packed with REAL LIFE blogging strategies, tools, encouragement and more from a REAL person who fought her way to success. Sarah has been through the trenches and overcome great adversity. She has a heart for God and is a TRUE friend and she spills all of her secrets to grow without selling your soul.

If you want to stop running the SEO rat race, find your voice and get on track to rising to the top in your niche, I highly recommend that you grab this course, knuckle down and start implementing every step."

-¬†Forest Rose,¬†KingdomFirstHomeschool.com (Honest Bloggers Academy¬ģ)

"Sarah once again over delivered in the best way possible! Honest Bloggers Academy is bursting at the seams with knowledge bombs and VALUE. Her blogging strategies are incredible and helped us go from making a few thousand dollars a month to a thriving six-figure blog! Her coaching and teachings allowed both Brittany and I to quit our jobs and take complete control over our lives. Cannot recommend investing in Sarah enough!!!"

-¬†Kelan,¬†thesavvycouple.com¬†(Honest Bloggers Academy¬ģ)

"I have taken many blogging courses - far too many to count, yet had not been able to monetize my blog, despite my greatest efforts. But the Honest Blogger's Academy is different. Sarah holds nothing back as she honestly tells you everything you need to know to run a successful blog. I love her straightforward approach as she lays everything out in a very easy to understand format. I felt like Sarah was right here, guiding me as I went through each step of the course. I was never left feeling like I had no clue what to do next. I did exactly as she said, and the good news is, after finishing (and implementing) the Honest Blogger's Academy, I can honestly say that this is the first month I've seen a profit on my blog! This course is for you if you really are interested in starting a blog that will turn into a business. I highly recommend it! (By the way, Sarah's bonus to this course, Business Secrets You'll Fall in Love With, is every bit as valuable as the course itself!)"

-¬†Amber Fox,¬†blueeyedchica.com¬†(Honest Bloggers Academy¬ģ)

"I love Sarah's authentic teaching style in Honest Bloggers Academy¬ģ. She gives actionable advice with a no fluff approach - which really helps motivate me to take steps forward to grow our blog.¬†We've been blogging for 4 years now and I wish I would have taken this course right in the beginning! It would have prevented a lot of trial and error.¬†Ha! I am happy to have this resource now so I can use it to continue to grow our traffic and income from our blog. Thank you Sarah!"

-¬†Melissa,¬†fleamarketflipper.com (Honest Bloggers Academy¬ģ)

"There are a lot of bloggers out there trying to teach others how to become successful bloggers, but none of them are like Sarah! From the moment I met Sarah I knew she wanted to do everything in her power to help everyone she could become successful and be able to make a living from home. Sarah is honest, straight forward and holds nothing back! Her Honest Bloggers Academy lays out step by step how to make an income blogging from the moment you decide to make an income blogging until you are making six figures a year! With every module, Sarah is right there with you, showing you the exact steps to take to crush your goals and become a successful blogger! Looking back over my blogging career, I know I would have never become a full time blogger without learning from Sarah! Her guidance is invaluable, and she cares so much about you becoming successful!"

-¬†Lindsay,¬†organizationobsessed.com (Honest Bloggers Academy¬ģ)

"Fantastic!!! This bundle is phenomenal. It has everything you need to start blogging or to become a blogging superstar if you’ve been blogging for a while like me. Sarah is the to-go person when it comes to blogging and you cannot find a blogging bundle more complete than this."

-¬†Ana,¬†theycallmeblessed.org¬†(Honest Bloggers Academy¬ģ)

"Pure Gold! This course is worth every penny and a lot more. I have had other training in blogging, some very good, some terrible. Sarah's course is on par with the best one I ever took...and in many ways, hers is better. Love this course so much. I discovered Sarah and her blog over a year and a half ago. Because of her, I have been training to be able to work for myself and stay home with my daughter and chronically ill husband. Sarah Titus has changed my life. She can change yours too."

-¬†Joan Coy¬†(Honest Bloggers Academy¬ģ)

"It's a BOMB of a course. There was SO much meat and potatoes and I can't wait to implement them on my new blog. There were many countless of Aha moments and golden nuggets in the course that will blow you away! There were so much wisdom shared in her course. Not only the how-to's, but why you do things this way and how to do it better and faster. I couldn't sing praises of it highly enough. She's REALLY good at what she does, she knows what she's talking about and really, I mean REALLY knows her stuff."

-¬†Janice Banks¬†(Honest Bloggers Academy¬ģ)

"The information in this Honest Bloggers Academy¬ģ course¬†blew me away! Lots of hints I had never heard of, and more!¬†Honest Bloggers Academy¬ģ is packed with information to guide you to a successful blog. I learned about things I had never even heard of in blogging including some counter-intuitive steps that boosted traffic considerably for Sarah's blog. She also lays out goals with milestones of pageviews and parameters on what you need to have in income, etc.¬†It is comprehensive!¬†I am rethinking more than a few things on my blog now!"

-¬†Bonnie¬†(Honest Bloggers Academy¬ģ)

"If there is one thing I love about Sarah Titus, it's her love for wanting to see others succeed."

-¬†Shari,¬†faithfilledfoodformoms.com¬† ¬†(Honest Bloggers Academy¬ģ)

"Very inspiring to read what Sarah puts out there. She seems to be very real and raw. I love that she challenges naysayers and those who say it can take years to build an audience. I personally have a theory that given growth in internet usage, advances in technological efficiencies, and information sharing like Sarah’s (and only with her gracious level of detail), it is totally doable to have an online income faster than multiple years if one shortens his/her learning curve. Just like any business- put in the hard work and you can fly."

-¬†Carly¬†(Honest Bloggers Academy¬ģ)

"Sarah‚Äôs tips in the Honest Bloggers Academy¬ģ really helped me define what I do as a blogger.¬†Now when people ask me what I do, I‚Äôm able to tell them in just a few seconds. Also, my traffic has grown after implementing all of her great tips she is generously sharing with us in this course."

-¬†Mindy,¬†farmfitliving.com¬†(Honest Bloggers Academy¬ģ)

"What I really love about this course, is that it's mainly text based! No waiting for lots of video to load, great for those of us with a slow internet connection. Each of Sarah's lessons is laid out and easy to read and follow along, she includes lots of screenshots so you can 'see' exactly what she does. There is lots of solid information in this course, how often to blog, how to track your stats and see your results, and why you shouldn't go crazy posting tons of blog posts. I thoroughly enjoyed the course, and often refer back to it. You can easily do parts of the course in your free time and implement as you go. This way you don't feel overwhelmed with having to learn too much at one time. Highly recommend. Thanks Sarah! "

-¬†Sue,¬†createfulprintables.com¬†(Honest Bloggers Academy¬ģ)

"Tons of Information! This bundle is full of valuable and actionable information. Whether you’re starting your blogging journey or consider yourself a professional, you will love the value in this bundle and will learn something new. Thanks, Sarah!"

-¬†Micah¬†(Honest Bloggers Academy¬ģ)

"I have taken several blogging courses but none were straight to the point and executable in a quick, easy to understand manner.¬†I love that Honest Bloggers Academy¬ģ was clear, quick to implement and that their was really easily actionable steps.¬†I am still implementing as my dad passed away mid course but¬†I don't feel overwhelmed like I have in other courses on blogging."

-¬†Jodi,¬†autismadvantages.com¬†(Honest Bloggers Academy¬ģ)

"As a member of the Honest Bloggers Academy¬ģ Course (HBA), I commend Sarah for her stellar program.¬†Each lesson is thorough and well-executed so that a blogger on any level can benefit.¬†I continue to revisit certain lessons when I need a refresher."

-¬†Denise,¬†denisesultenfuss.com¬†(Honest Bloggers Academy¬ģ)

"Devoured everything in one day and it was totally worth it!! So I have been looking to get serious clarity on how to go about this blogging thing and this is the exact resource I needed! I'm not a huge fan of video tutorials, I tend to digest better when I can read at my own pace and because this was SO GOOD, I finished reading everything in ONE DAY. Of course I will go over it again and again. It was honest, no-nonsense advice on what worked for her and what her key focus areas are for growth. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!"

-¬†Nicole¬†(Honest Bloggers Academy¬ģ)

"Sarah has really outdone herself with this course! I love that she included a traffic strategy that is easy to implement. The information about the DA scoring and Alexa score had been an eye-opener for me. Everything is precisely what I need to help my new blog grow."

-¬†Kim,¬†beingcreativedesigns.com¬†(Honest Bloggers Academy¬ģ)

"I've known Sarah for quite some time and have always valued her blogging advice.¬†She's been known in the blogging world as one who gives solid and authentic advice;¬†advice that turned her into a blogger who earns well over a million dollars a year! And now she's sharing it with the world in her Honest Bloggers Academy¬ģ course.

I've been around the blogging world block for a long time now and have taken way too many courses that fall flat. Honest Bloggers Academy¬ģ is not one of those courses.¬†Sarah doesn't leave anything on the table when she shares how she turned blogging into a full-time income.¬†She lays it all out there. All you have to do is take her advice, do the work and run with it!"

-¬†Julie,¬†trekkn.co¬†(Honest Bloggers Academy¬ģ)

"I'm a huge fan of Sarah's other courses (her How to Create Printables course is otherworldly), but her blogging course exceeded my already high expectations. Unlike a traditional nuts and bolts approach, Sarah pushes for a mindset shift and details her personal blogging journey so you can see what's possible. I highly recommend this course if you're looking to start a blog but don't know where to start. "

-¬†Sarah¬†(Honest Bloggers Academy¬ģ)

"This is a plethora of information. I can't believe all that is here!!!! It's going to help me so much, thank you."

-¬†Kristy¬†(Honest Bloggers Academy¬ģ)

"Too much technique had squeezed all the joy out of blogging for me. But this course is not only strategy. What course makes you cry with real tears on your cheeks, and burn flaming hot with desire TO ACCOMPLISH. If you look at strategy alone, there's a dime a dozen in blogging bundles. BUT the liberating mindset shift from P.E.N. section, that alone is enough to quell overwhelm (biggest reason why bloggers left and right start then quit) and keep one going. That alone is worth it's weight in gold! Courses NEVER teach THIS."

-¬†Hena¬†(Honest Bloggers Academy¬ģ)

"I‚Äôve been working through your Honest Bloggers Academy¬ģ the past two weeks!! Oh my goodness, so much good stuff in there.¬†I‚Äôve spent a fortune on other (really famous) courses and yours is the first one I‚Äôve finished AND (this is a biggie), I‚Äôve already started implementing what I‚Äôve learned and seeing results.¬†My no. 1 take away (and I hope you don‚Äôt mind me sharing this) is that I finally feel like it‚Äôs OK to be me rather than simply trying to play catch up and do what other bloggers are doing. It‚Äôs eliminated that blogger overwhelm thing (what was I even doing to myself?) and I feel free and confident to set my own agenda.¬†It‚Äôs been a long time since I‚Äôve felt excited about blogging.¬†Thank you!"

-¬†Carey,¬†cleaneatingwithkids.com¬†(Honest Bloggers Academy¬ģ)

If you have been wanting to start a blog, online business, create printables, or maybe even have but have found yourself not getting anywhere‚Ķ you NEED this bundle! You will get every single thing you need to get your business off the ground. Million Dollar Shop¬ģ¬†and Honest Bloggers Academy¬ģ both on their own are fantastic, info packed courses, so the fact that you get both of them plus the others that show you how to create and sell products‚Ķ you can‚Äôt beat it! The investment is so worth it because you can make it back by applying these different methods. No stone is left unturned so you won‚Äôt have to search out other info and courses, plus her biblical perspective really sets it apart! The BEST course bundle out there to start making money online!

-¬†Mindy¬†(Million Dollar Shop¬ģ)

Sarah's Blogger Bundle has absolutely everything you need to hit the ground running with your online business. You won't regret the investment! The detailed advice is so easy to understand, no stone is left unturned and it's exactly what you need to know to start off on the right foot and grow from there!

-¬†Jacqui¬†(Million Dollar Shop¬ģ)

The Million Dollar Shop¬ģ Blogger Bundle is a dream course bundle for bloggers! It has taught me so much when it comes to selling my printables online! The how to make printables course alone taught me things I couldn't find anywhere else. And the Million Dollar Shop¬ģ course taught me how to finally make a profit selling printables! I'm so thankful for Sarahs courses and everything she taught me!

- Lindsay,¬†organizationobsessed.com¬†(Million Dollar Shop¬ģ)

Sarah is known as a Shopify guru for a reason. She has achieved a level of success that most can only dream of. Sarah graciously shares her teachings in the Million Dollar Shop¬ģ Blogger Bundle, so you too can realize incredible success. This insightful set of courses is for those individuals who are serious about building a successful Shopify store. In the Million Dollar Shop¬ģ Blogger Bundle, Sarah provides proven selling techniques, pitfalls to avoid, along with other essential information you need to know to run a profitable shop. If you are ready to take your shop to the next level, get these courses!

- Kelli, freebiefindingmom.com¬†(Million Dollar Shop¬ģ)

I am absolutely LOVING your courses! I don't want them to end. Truthfully. I feel like you are sat here with me, guiding me. I cannot get over how generous you are with your information. The courses are worth every penny.

- Donna (How to Create Printables in Illustrator)

I have learned so much from this course and LOVE all the templates that are included with it. I was a little hesitant at first to try Illustrator because it felt really difficult for me to learn a new program, but Sarah made it so easy to understand. I would never have been able to make such great quality printables without it.

- Addi (How to Create Printables in Illustrator)

I recently purchased your illustrator printable course. I just can't explain how much of a blessing it has been to me! I think we share the same love for the program!! Wanted to tell you a sincere thank YOU for putting your heart and soul into that course it has given me such fresh perspective and new vision!!! Thank you thank you!! It is so evident that Jesus shines through you and your work, I have to say that was the number one reason I had zero hesitation purchasing your course..

- Elizabeth (How to Create Printables in Illustrator)

I want to thank you for this course. I have already learned a lot and am am excited to learn more. I appreciate that you use text lessons and not everything is in video. And this is probably the first course I've ever gotten all the way through, because the format and content both worked so well for me. Thank you!

- Rachna Jain (How to Create Printables in Illustrator)

Sarah wants us to all succeed. She provides all the tools for success. What works and what doesn't. She shares her failures and her successes. She doesn't miss a beat. As a new blogger, her course, 'Top 13 Things to Sell in Shopify that Make the Most Money', is a wealth information. Shopify is a must. Now I have a clearer idea and focus after taking this course. It is so thorough. Her heartfelt, giving personality shows itself through this course. Her Christ-like love shines through. Truly blessed to have found Sarah website and her course.

- Kelly, simplyloveprintables.com (Top 13 Things to Sell in Shopify)

I don't have a Shopify store yet, but this course has revolutionized my focus. I started seriously blogging in March but although I was going in a positive direction I couldn't get over a feeling that I was stagnant. That somehow maybe my efforts were meaningless. Then I heard about Sarah and eventually got into this course. And she dared to suggest that maybe I was going about this blogging thing all the wrong way. (Not just me) but that your focus should be on what your readers need. So finding products to sell that would meet a need for your readers and build your blog content around that.

Prior to this I was thinking, "Ok, I want to monetize my blog and I'll do that by getting more readers with cool useful content." Which of course isn't bad. However, this new thought from Sarah has caused a refocus. I need to find out what my readers need and meet that need. My list is small, but I do have friends who are similar to my readers and I've been talking to them and the result is, I'm making a few products which are digital. I'm no longer stuck in the same place. I feel like I'm taking large steps forward whereas before I was going nowhere. So I highly recommend this course at whatever stage you're at. It will save you time and money in the long run.

- Yolanda, heart2live.com (Top 13 Things to Sell in Shopify)

Sarah's 'How to Create Printables' course gives me not only HOPE that I can open my own printable's store soon, but also the TOOLS, including templates, how to tutorials, where to purchase fonts and graphics, and the encouragement that IT IS achievable!

- Margo, JoyfulHomemaking.com (How to Create Printables in Photoshop Elements)

I was struggling with knowing how to make a living at home. I already watch kids, but it's not enough. This coarse gave me so many ideas and inspiration!! I've also been selling things on ebay but the sales were few and far between. Now that I've learned what I've been doing wrong, I'm all fired up to set things up the right way and see it take off! This coarse gave me a renewed hope that I can make a living without having to leave my kids!

- Stephanie B. (How to Make Money From Home)

As a blogger that just opened my Shopify store, this course has been invaluable! There are so many steps and decisions you must make when opening a store. The technical decisions can get overwhelming pretty fast. In this course, Sarah guides you step by step through the whole process of getting your store up and running! You will feel like she' right there beside you, showing you the way to succeed! I can't even explain how valuable that is when you want to set up a shop the right way. With Sarah's teachings, I know my shop will succeed and yours can too!

- Lindsay,¬†organizationobsessed.com¬†(Million Dollar Shop¬ģ)

This Shopify course will set you up for success. It will take you from ground zero to having a fully functional store in little to no time. Sarah walks through each part of the set up with very helpful screenshots to show you exactly what to do and shares all her tips and tricks to get a store that will actually convert people to buy products. And in her most encouraging way, she also adds in the most important part of business: believing in yourself, knowing that your personality and being YOU can be so endearing. If you want to be prepared for success, then this course will get you set up to be just that!

- Delci, ALifeofHeritage.com¬†(Million Dollar Shop¬ģ)

The Honest Bloggers Academy gives so much practical, foundational advice on everything from which Facebook groups to join, to what you should blog about, and do I niche down or not? Sarah also answers the million-dollar question of how to keep your readers coming back for more. It's really just loaded with profitable information!

-¬†Margo,¬†JoyfulHomemaking¬†(Honest Bloggers Academy¬ģ)

Sarah's 'How to Create Printables' course has been invaluable for me. And I say this as a beginner in the Graphic Design realm. She's very down to earth. Her manner is sweet and welcoming. Sarah's the perfect person to teach you how to make printables. You see she has been doing this for a while and she shares all her knowledge with her students. Sarah has perfected the art of making professional printables in a way that is cost effective. Other people will tell you that you have to use an expensive Photoshop account to make professional printables. But Sarah has found another professional software that's affordable and just as good. And all you have to do is look around her shop to see that her printables are great and sell well. She knows what she's doing. The icing on the cake with taking a course from Sarah is her involvement with her students. She's involved and responds to any comments. You can see that she truly wants her students to succeed. She's given me advice and responded to each and every question. If you want to create printables that are at a professional level this is the course for you. Don't hesitate to sign up.

- Yolanda, heart2live.com (How to Create Printables in Photoshop Elements)

It's easy to follow and full of practical tips and advice. Would highly recommend it if you are serious about creating a solid business.

- Sue Fleckenstein, createfuljournals.com (Business Secrets You'll Fall in Love With)