How to Create Printables in Illustrator (BETA COURSE)

Design gorgeous, professional printables people want to buy!

This is a BETA course and a free pop up Facebook group is included (through 8/1/21)!!! Participation is highly encouraged.

This course is being built as we speak. The speed to which I can create relies vastly on getting enough feedback in the pop up Facebook group before proceeding to another section. So be sure you have time set aside to really get in here and learn and have some FUN! 


Some of the things you'll learn...

How to Create (videos):

  • I-Spy
  • Wall Art
  • Monograms
  • Binders/Workbooks/Planners
  • Hand Lettering Worksheets
  • Bookmarks
  • Gift Tags
  • Calendars
  • Stickers
  • Coloring Sheets
  • Kids Educational Worksheets

Take a peek inside...

Getting Started Right and Being Inspired

  • What printables are the most popular
  • Fonts matter
  • How to be inspired by color
  • The best place to get modern fonts (secret spilled)
  • Everything you need to know about graphics
  • Before you purchase fonts and graphics
  • How to save money on graphics
  • The best, most awesome resource in the world that you don't know about!
  • Getting your graphics, SVG's, fonts and more...ALL FREE!

Quick Start with Illustrator: Getting to Know the Software

  • How to create & open a new document, file, or graphic
  • How to zoom in and out
  • How to create gradients
  • How to get free graphics and clipart
  • How to delete color out of an image (make a coloring page)
  • How to make graphics, lines, and text darker/dashed/outlined
  • How to hide and delete layers
  • How to take a screenshot in Illustrator
  • How to grab the HTML color of anything online
  • How to group and ungroup layers
  • Creating and saving an SVG
  • How to check spelling (yep, you can!)
  • How to move the character panel

Final Details

  • How to copyright and protect your printables
  • How to save your templates (what files to use and when)
  • How to organize and collage your printables
  • Finalizing your printables before you sell them (spell check, etc.)
  • Where to sell your printables and the secret of why people buy them
  • How to organize the files on your computer


  • Brand Board
  • 145+ AI Templates
  • 60+ Binders and Planner Templates
  • 135 Graphics
  • 40+ SVG's
  • 30 Patterns for Binder Covers or Designs
  • 1 Font
  • 365 Printables Prompts
  • 25 Pinterest Templates

...AND MORE!!!


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