Million Dollar Shop®

Your store is like a're either leading them to BUY or leading them to LEAVE!!!

Do you want your dreams to come true?

Seems like a silly question, right? Of COURSE, we all want our dreams to come true and we want a quicker, faster, easier way to get there...a map, someone to hold our hand as we walk through uncharted territory.

Just as YOU want YOUR dreams to come true, so do your customers!

You have to show your customers that you can solve their problem, help them achieve their dream WITH YOUR product.

If you can't, they leave and you don't get YOUR dream.

See in product creation, YOUR dream is ALL ABOUT HELPING THEM CREATE THEIRS!!!!

I sell printables in my store. I help people create their dream of being more organized, being less scattered, less overwhelmed.

So you COULD throw up a store (or a link to buy on your blog) and expect sales, but you're not helping anyone reach their goals, OR you can take your dreams seriously right now and set up your shop in the right way, using the right method...Shopify.

Before I started on Shopify, I released a product and it bombed. I sold 3 copies.

You can admit that having an email list with 50,000 people on it and getting 3 sales is a total failure, right? I mean, it bombed HARD!

I put that SAME product on Shopify a few weeks later and got 52 sales!

The only difference I made between 3 sales and 52 sales was the platform I used to sell the item on.

Shopify got me 52 sales in that first baby launch!

That's when everything changed for me. It was all about the platform and setting it up in a way that would GET SALES!

Because what's the point of getting traffic to your site, if when they GET THERE, they DO...NOT...BUY!

That first month on Shopify, I ended up making an insane amount of money ($52,060)!

It's been absolutely crazy!

For a girl who used to be homeless...for a girl who used to survive on only $18k/year with 2 kids to support after my ex-husband abandoned me. That girl now makes multi-millions/year in her Shopify store! I just couldn't believe it.

200,000+ sales later!!!


Believe me when I say that your Shopify store is like a map. You need to LEAD your potential customers where to go.

But how do you do that?

How do you set up a Shopify store that actually converts? Run a Google search and you won't find this type of training anywhere else. So how can you really KNOW what works and what doesn't? ask someone who's been in e-commerce for 25+ years!

Me. :) I can do this in my sleep! It's CAKE! And remember, MY dream is dependent upon YOU meeting YOUR dream, just as YOUR dream is dependent on you meeting YOUR customers dreams. So you know that I'm gonna bust my butt to make SURE, absolute SURE, that you succeed in this course!!!!

Because MY dream has always been and will forever BE, getting every mom I possibly CAN, HOME with her kids. I believe every mom should have the option of staying home with her children, regardless of income. I do it. I've done it. And I wanna teach as many people as I possibly can how to do it too!

That's my dream. What's yours?

  • Do you want to work from home instead of leaving your kids with a babysitter all day?
  • Do you want to set up a passive income stream so that WHEN you ARE home, you actually get to spend time with those you came home FOR?
  • Do you want to set up a retirement fund, a college education, a savings account to travel with?
  • Do you want to bring your husband home from work so you can spend more time with him?

Whatever your dream is, I'm here to help you make it your reality! <3

"Sarah I just want to thank you for everything you do. You inspired me to move my products from Etsy to Shopify and I am making so many more sales! Today I had ONE order for over $80! All digital products. I still have a long way to go but Every time I here the Cha-Ching I smile and think of you. So thank you so much!!!"

Then it happened...

About a year ago, God convicted my heart (I'm gonna cry). I was looking around at other courses and I see the scam.

They get you to buy their course and sell it with a bunch of smoke and mirrors, making you think it'll work for you, making you think it's a solution to your problem (holding back tears), but the truth is, that you get in there and they give you JUST ENOUGH...the most smallest amount of information they CAN so that they can then, very sneakily, sell you on more personalized coaching.

More personalized coaching could look like a conference or spend the day with them in their home for $15k or another coaching package or an exclusive Facebook group or further training.

So that the jist of it looks like this:

Free webinar to wet your appetite with one good jewel in it to make you believe they know what they're talking about and can solve your problem -> You get on their email list -> They pitch you an upsell or a course pretty quickly after -> You buy a course that gives you enough for today ("give a man a fish" mentality) -> You have to keep buying MORE FISH (they get more of your money)!!!! And they try to sell you a coaching program that costs way more than you can afford.

It was in that moment that God spoke straight to my heart. He convicted me that He didn't want me to be a lady who "gives a man a fish", He wants me to TEACH people HOW to fish.

The saying popped into my mind, "Give a man a fish, and you'll feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you've fed him for a lifetime."

My JOB...tears, to GOD, the almighty LIVING GOD (!!!), my REQUIREMENT to HIM, is that I TEACH YOU HOW TO FISH!!!!

I'm not here to give you a fish and satisfy you today and keep selling you fish so I can keep getting your money.

I'm here to open up an entirely NEW PATH, a new chapter in your life, so that you can learn HOW to fish. You'll learn HOW I do what I do and why I do it. Not, hey here's some cool printables, make these.

I WANT YOU (so desperately in my heart) to succeed. Tears. I WANT YOU to have the life you dream of. To have everything you want because you deserve it. We only get one life, just one, and if you can do something FROM HOME, where you don't have to leave your kids, and do something you love and are passionate about, WHILE making money, that's the life I want to help you create.

That's my purpose here on Earth. That's literally why God put me here.

It's why I've been through (tears) SOOO much in my life. Homeless, abandoned, everything. It was all to lead me HERE, right now, to teach you how to have a life others dream about. To give you a better life. One where you can be happy and not have to ever worry about finances ever again!

I want to give you that life. I want you to have it. Because life isn't about making money or having a lot of it, even though I do, it's about family, and friends, and being happy. Living the life YOU want and not being bound...shackled even, to a dollar amount.

I want to give you FREEDOM.

Freedom to travel, to build that college fund for your kids, to save for retirement, to buy a car or large purchase with cash. I want to give you that life because anyone who works hard enough to set up that kind of life, CAN have it.

I worked hard to get to where I am. No, setting up an empire on Shopify isn't easy. It takes a lot of work. But when you get things set up, it IS passive. You get sales while you sleep.

I have TIME to create courses and spend time with my family and do all the things I love to do in life BECAUSE I make passive income. I want to have freedom over my time and if you're reading this, I'm SURE you do too!

That's how this course is different. It's made with LOVE, as is everything I do. It's made from a passionate place in my heart, with a desire for you to truly succeed. To not hide from you all my secret tricks, but to teach you HOW to fish so that you can have that life you dream of.

🎉 Join over 263,482 lives touched by Sarah Titus paid products!

"Sarah's experience and wisdom in blogging and running successful Shopify stores are PRICELESS! I am so grateful she listened to God's nudge in telling her to create her Shopify course. Million Dollar Shop has everything you will need to start, build, and run as a successful Shopify store! The amount of value Sarah packed into this course is unbelievable. Sarah's ability to share her faith and motivate throughout the course is outstanding. My confidence in starting our own Shopify store now has gone through the roof. If you are looking for a course to guide you through step-by-step how to launch your own Shopify store, look no further than Million Dollar Shop! "

Kelan earned $1,245 his first month on Shopify and makes $8,500/month passively!


Who is this course for?

If you're tired of spinning your wheels trying to make it online and want to create a more stable and lucrative path that NO ONE can take away from you!

The world wants you to spend all your time hustling your butt off.

But as a single mom, I knew I wanted more. Fed up, I started making my OWN products.

Something NO ONE can take away from me.

I make AMAZING money on Shopify alone, not even counting my blog and work 9-10 hours a week for both. Life is good and you know what, I don't have to hustle to make it. Maybe you wont make that much. Maybe you'll make half that or one-tenth of that, but you'll do it on your OWN terms using your OWN strategy and your own passions and strengths.

This course is for you if you want to stop spinning your wheels right this second and invest in your long-term future.

If you want to be home with your kids. Work on the stuff YOU want to work on and have a fantastic life. Who knows...even help your husband quit his job!

It starts today and it starts inside of you. The second you say, "I'm sick and tired of hustling. I want to make more and work less."

Unfortunately, some people try to go it themselves. This is a huge mistake and almost always leads to failing. Here, a student shares how they tried and failed at Shopify before coming across my stuff and now, after going through the course and implementing it, is rocking sales!

Lou earned $2,000+ in her first 10 days on Shopify!!!



What You'll Learn:

"Absolutely love, love, love this course!! I will admit, I've taken my fair share of online courses and honestly, this is BY FAR the most practical, no-nonsense course I have taken to date. The content truly lays down, step by step, how to build a robust Shopify store. It then goes into the marketing process and customer service which are SO key to the sales process and overall customer experience. If you've ever done a Youtube search for starting a Shopify store, you'll know how limited the information there is! I've been following Sarah for about a year now, and love that she is bold gives advice that goes against the grain but it works!!"


Your Shopify store is like an empire you're creating. You CANNOT just slap up some two by fours and expect to have a solid structure to build on. You absolutely MUST build it in the right way.

There's a lot of decisions you'll need to make. A lot of things you'll need to know how to set up. Things that work, things that don't. You'll need to know all that.

This course is like a roadmap, a blueprint if you will, to building your own empire on Shopify.

Without it, you won't make nearly as much as you will if you have all your ducks in a row. After completing this course, you will have a solid foundation in which to build your products around.

And heads up, most all of your competitors won't take the time to set all this up in the right way, so if you DO, you're light years ahead of them and YOU get all the sales they miss out on!!!

I am generally very hesitant about buying such programs. I have been following Sarah for many years now begining with the "How to Blog", but I never enrolled in it. But when the MDS was presented, I must have it! You never know what you are going to get when you make a purchase like this one, we made, my daughter and I. But believe me when I say, you have nothing to worry about with this MDS Course! Sarah does not hold anything back. Sarah shares everything needed to start a Shopify store to earn extra income on line. We are now learning so much now about different apps, programs, itʻs hard to imagine all of the possibilities. I will always be thankful for the new doors opened by Sarah Titus! Sarah is one in a million, and so is this MILLION DOLLAR SHOP course!"


I started out with ONE product and now have 542.

The cool thing is that once you're all set up, it basically runs itself. Since 2019, my store has been completely run 100% on autopilot passively.

Each month, I've been making FANTASTIC income and it all started with everything I'm going to teach you in this course...setting up a proper foundation and getting your products on Shopify!

"The Million Dollar Store course is an amazing resource for those wanting to have their own sales platform. Sarah gives clear and easy to understand, step by step directions from the reason behind having your own store, to the tech side of setting up a Shopify store to giving encouragement to be different and be yourself. I have followed Sarah for years and value her honesty and integrity. While she has not failed to deliver on quality once again, I think she has outdone herself!"


"Sarah's Million Dollar Shop® course is absolutely amazing. Not only is it very detailed but she includes EVERYTHING you need to set up a successful Shopify store. She has helped me to feel confident in what I am doing with my new shop. I've taken a lot of online courses over the years on various topics and this, by far, was the BEST (and most detailed course I've ever taken)!"


Course Curriculum

"I LOVED EVERYTHING Sarah shared in her course!! I initially questioned myself - what else could I learn from her since I've been doing e-commerce for the past 5-6 years - but I thank God I bought her course and have learned so much from her! Her information is nothing like what I had expected and realized that I've been doing a lot of things the wrong way. I went with a different platform (not Shopify) and quickly implemented what I've learned from Sarah's course and the information has helped 5x my sales! I'm SOO grateful! Thanks again Sarah for creating an amazing in-depth course! <3"

Follow up: I opened my Shopify store and within my first 3 days of the shop going live, I made over $315!



Here's what you can can make money online doing just about anything. I've been making money online for 25+ years. I was in high school when I started. It's CAKE to make money online, the REAL challenge is not hustling your butt off to do it.

I worked 80-120 hours a week for 3 years. Started drinking coffee just to keep up. Ended up in a wheelchair (started fainting and tore my tendon). I was a mess. Making money, yes. But hustling.

Wanting a better way, I started a Shopify store, something I could set up and run nearly passively. Sick and tired of the scams affiliate marketing companies pulled, it was time to make my OWN products.

In the past few years I've had my Shopify store, I've made 8 figures. I do not run any Facebook ads or do paid advertising.

And now...NOW, I work 9-10 hours a week (my assistants work 20 hours a week also) and I make a good chunk of money.

For me, it's not about the money. It never has been. My LIFE isn't about money! That's God's department to help me survive, not mine. 💕

It's been about getting my life BACK.

To stop hustling.

To stop working so much.

To set up an empire on AUTO-PILOT!!!!!!!

One that makes me money while I sleep, play with my kids, travel, or anything I want!

Something I'm passionate about and can create with my own hands so I'm not dependent upon anyone else.

Here's my question...

If you only had to work 10 hours a week (and money was taken care of completely so your husband could even quit his job), how would your life be different? What would you do with all that extra TIME? How different would your life be from now?

"I am in Sarah Titus's Million Dollar Shop course and her Top 13 Things to Sell in Shopify That Make The Most Money as well. I can tell you that she covers everything. She explains why Shopify is the go-to platform. She includes detailed tutorials on how to set up your shop, and what works and what doesn't. The best part? You are being trained by someone who has made more than 2 million dollars in her first year on Shopify. She is not new to the scene but has proven herself to know how to profit with Shopify. When I buy a course, I want to be trained by someone who has not just worked with a system but is a smashing success at a system. But above all else I want to work with someone who values integrity in everything they do. That is who Sarah Titus is, and why you can be confident in purchasing her courses."



"I have taken courses over the years, and often, they make it feel complicated and.... "yucky", like you need to deceive others into sales. Taking Sarah's Million Dollar Shop® course is so refreshing and so inspiring. She teaches what she preaches, give-give-give, then show a product that will bring value to the customer that is for sale. Her methods hold a higher standard of business. I have felt an incredible shift during her courses. I am EXCITED for business again, and I can't wait to see the success's that following her method in the Million Dollar Shop® course brings! She is a blessing! Thank you, Sarah, Thank you MORE than you could ever know!"

Larissa N.


Frequently Asked Questions

"I needed a shot of motivation so thought "Ooh I need a bit of Sarah's enthusiasm!". I logged into the course to find new content! Lovely surprise! I can't believe you still add to it. That's certainly going the extra mile. Thank you so much. Your course has been the best value I've ever had for my money ever. Thank you." 


"It (Million Dollar Shop®) is genius. It is golden nuggets you will not find anywhere else online. I've been online for 10 years and have never seen the things that Sarah teaches. If you think it's just a basic course, it's not. If you think it's just about setting up a Shopify store, it's not. It is a whole huge business model. It is so thorough. Sarah is one of the hardest working people I've ever virtually met online!"


"I'm still working on implementing all the things from your Shopify course but the last 2 months have been my highest grossing (I went from $500-$700 to $1,000 last month)."


"It's hard to put into words how grateful I am to have found Sarah & the Million Dollar Shop. I am a person who will spend days, weeks & months researching & researching...I mean crazy detail! When I found Sarah I just stopped! Everything I needed to know in one place, backed by a real genius genuine person who can't do enough to help you (plus an amazing shopify support team), All the boxes were ticked. Thank you, thank you, thank you xx"


"I had no experience selling digital products at all, only physical products. I wasn’t sure how to sell digital products in Shopify. Sarah’s course changed all that. In about half a day, I was able to set up a digital products Shopify store that customers would buy from. Sarah details how to set up your store so that you look trustworthy and convert customers with ease. Million Dollar Shop is a very meaty course with 15 modules and even a free course binder. Over the Christmas holiday, I made hundreds of dollars in my sleep!

In an average month, I make $500 right now. My blog is currently getting about 50k visitors a month. I do not use any paid advertising of any kind to get these sales. Sarah told me how to drive organic traffic to my store from my blog in her Million Dollar Shop course."


"As a newbie to Shopify I was super excited to find Sarah’s class. It has made all the difference. She gives step by step directions to set up and link your account with tons of screenshots and directions. She also added a bunch of little extra hints that I never would have found on my own. Every time I go back in she has added even more material. I highly recommend this class if you want to open a Shopify account."

"This is the most comprehensive step by step guide that will teach you the ins and outs of setting up a profitable business on Shopify."


"Before I started using Million Dollar Shop® I was struggling to figure out how to set up a Shopify store the right way. Using Million Dollar Shop® has allowed me to understand on a deeper level how to set up a Shopify store to help out my customers. I would recommend Million Dollar Shop® to anyone that wants to start up a Shopify store the right way. Sarah Titus dives deep with what you need to do and I love this course so much!"


"I strongly believe that investing in yourself is the key to a successful business. However, you must choose your investments wisely and learn from people who know what they are talking about. Over the years, I've wasted time and money on substandard courses created by people who were not the best at what they were doing. Million Dollar Shop® Blogger Bundle has everything you need to set up a blog and Shopify store taking you on the journey from complete beginner to expert. No stone is left unturned as the inimitable Sarah Titus holds you by the hand and teaches you each and everything you need to know. The information in the course is so comprehensive, I refer back to it almost every day. Sarah knows her stuff! At the end of it all, she even critiqued my shop and blog and helped me to elevate my work to the next level. I cannot praise this course highly enough and I'm so grateful for Sarah and her teaching."


"I’m so glad I found Sarah’s courses and was able to grab all three! (She had an awesome sale going on!) It’s by far the best investment I’ve made for my printables shop. I revamped my entire shop with all of Sarah’s specific advice and followed all of her suggestions! I love how detailed she is in instruction (lots of helpful screenshots!!!) I highly recommended Sarah’s courses for Shopify. As a matter of fact, I need to review them myself because she is always adding new stuff!"

- Jen

"I received the Million Dollar Shop, Top 13 Things To Sell on Shopify, and How to Create Printable's. I have taken classes over the Internet before but was completely blown away at the curriculum that was so thorough like nothing I've ever seen before. She made it to be seen as if you were sitting beside her taking the courses live! The things she teaches you step-by-step the tiniest details is something you could not learn on your own in the 21 years experience that she has. She shares her secrets, her sources, something that no one else would ever give out. I never thought I could be anything more but through her courses I've realize that she is giving me the foundation to have a wonderful life grow my skills knowledge and be able to provide for my family after not knowing how I would survive from month to month before I took Sarah's courses. I will tell you now that you are missing out on the most wonderful God-given talent teaching you everything she knows and giving you her heart & soul with every breath if you do not sign up for these courses. They will totally change your life I give you my word."

Sarah Sutton

"I have finally finished the Million Dollar Shop® course!! WHOA so much info. It will become my new asset for 2020. There's no way I can remember EVERYTHING Sarah has taught, so I will be going through it again & again & continuing to implement more. Lots of AHA moments & lots of, “Oh, that's how she does it”, moments. I find Sarah so savvy, kind & generous. If you’re wanting a massive up-skilling course in Shopify, this is HIGHLY recommended. I am 3/4 through the Honest Bloggers Academy® course, which is also GOLD. The printables course hopefully is next."


"I knew I wanted to open my printables shop but I honestly have no idea how to get started. This course changed everything! There is so much good content that you can't find anywhere else. I've got it all set up and I feel confident using Shopify! Thanks for the great course!!"


Join over 263,482 lives touched by Sarah Titus paid products!


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