How to Make Money From Home

...on your terms, in your own way

As a single mom, our family is incredibly blessed. I get to stay home with my kids, work online, and be an encouragement to millions of other women. I’m literally living my dream life. But I wasn’t born into royalty and it didn’t come easy for me. In fact…

Several years ago, I was living in a homeless shelter and had $30k worth of debt.

My ex-husband was on his 3rd affair at the time and my kids and I had nothing except what I could pack into a small car. The shelter was dirty, people were always sick, the food was so old I wouldn’t serve it to a starving dog, and there were no windows. It seemed hopeless.

Every morning I was woken up at 6 am by a woman who said, "It was for my own good." I was without God, alone, and scared. Forget about making ends meet, meat wasn’t even a possibility. I had been a stay at home mom my entire kids lives. I thought to myself, “Now what?”

Have you ever seen the movie Labyrinth? Sarah says “Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered, I have fought my way here to take back what you have stolen.”

I felt like everything in my life had been stolen. Tears. The life and marriage that I knew for more than a decade was gone. In an instant, my life was turned upside-down.

But God answered my prayers. He showed me what real love was, and I FOUGHT. I fought long and hard and strong. Every ounce of strength came from the Lord. I put one foot in front of the other and again and again and again. Each day I started anew, giving that day my all. I had no idea where I was going, but anywhere was better than where I was!

I fought my mom, who said I was just fooling myself and needed to get a quote unquote REAL job.

I fought my Pastor, who said I was being "irresponsible" for not wanting to work outside the home.

I fought my friends, who not one of them at the time believed in me or what I was trying to create.

I fought the judge and my lawyer in the divorce.

I fought the world.

As I stood there before the judge in my divorce hearing, he asked me why I didn’t have a job yet. I told him that I did!!! He asked what I did. I told him that I was selling on ebay and doing well and that I was starting a blog.

Wrong answer!

I’m not talking a little bit wrong. It was like the sun fell out of the sky, jaws drop, WRONG answer!!!

To put it mildly, he didn’t like that. Insisted that it was unstable work for my family. Told me point blank that if I didn’t get a job outside the home to provide for my little ones, I could forfeit tens of thousands of dollars in the divorce. He acted like I didn’t love my kids, because I wasn’t willing to put THEM first- because I wasn’t willing to leave them with a stranger all day long while I went out and worked a "REAL" job.

I get it. I have plenty of banking experience (10+ years). In my field, I’m pretty high to the top with a college education to boot. It’s not that I CAN’T work or get a job outside the home with a snap of my fingers. It’s not that I can’t make good, stable money working my tail off for someone else's dreams. It’s that I WANT TO BE HOME WITH MY KIDS!

The world doesn’t understand that!


…my ex-husband already did that, and that I believed in myself enough to know I could make money from home. Enough to squeak by at least. He asked how much I could make. I told him I thought I could make $1,000/month in profits.

He went on to ask me how long it would take to make that and I told him one year.

Give me one year and I will make $1,000/month from home, I said.

My lawyers, my Pastor, my friends, family, everyone in my life all told me to get a job. They BEGGED me. Well meaning people sure, but I knew in my heart I could make money from home. I knew they were all wrong.

Listen, today....

Today I stand before you as a single mom who makes $5.1 MILLION dollars in revenue a year. I'm gonna cry. I went from begging God to make $1k/month and now, my average monthly income is $450,000.

That's what a girl on fire to prove everyone wrong can do. That's what a girl with 22 years combined experience making money online is wanting to TEACH YOU how to do.


Does it take sacrifice, yes, hard work, yes, a willingness to close off some friendships if they don't believe in you, maybe, but you CAN get there and I’m committed to showing you how in this course!!!

This is your stepping stone. You're FIRST STEP into making money from home ON YOUR TERMS!

Did you get that? Making money isn't just about making money. It's about doing it YOUR WAY, on your own terms, however YOU want to do it.

So where are you at in your journey?

  • Do you feel like the bills and walls are closing in on you?
  • Do you feel like you can’t seem to get anything to make the income you know you CAN make?
  • Do you feel stuck?
  • Like you’ve lost hope and you’re spiraling?
  • Maybe you feel like you should quit?
  • Maybe you don't even know where to START?

Don’t quit. You can do this! I’ve been there, and I’m excited to show you 22 years worth of experience making money online in a ton of different ways! So get ready, because you're life is about to change forever, the moment you step inside this course!!!!!

"I've been selling online for 17 years and this course has broadened my view. I'm currently looking at other platforms including Shopify to build multiple sources of income."

- Stephanie H.

You'll learn things like...

Did you know that you can make $60-$75 simply picturing your own dinners?

I'm not kidding. You literally snap photos of your dinner and the process of you making it, give the recipe and sell it. BAM. You make $75!

Now maybe 75 bucks won't change your life but if you're making dinners every night and you're selling even 15 of those recipes a month, that's $1,125/month right there.

I mean, I'm not talking about chump change here.

Another great one is getting paid $10-$60 each time you go to a website and record a screenshot video and answer the question prompts they ask you about their site!

These are things ANYONE CAN DO!

And the truth is that there are 5 bazillion ways just LIKE THAT and I HAVE all those resources. I know all about them inside and out. BECAUSE I'VE DONE IT...for eons. :)

This course is designed to show you how EASY it is to make money from home!

You'll find the direction you should go, so you don't spend your time wasted going down the WRONG path!

It'll give you an overview of each topic along with actionable steps to get started down this path and when applicable, all the details of how I personally made money in that particular way.

"I have been struggling with what to do from home that aligned with my passions. How to Make Money From Home has not only given me ideas and suggestions, but plenty of how-to's and tips on getting started and sustaining yourself while starting a business."

- Misty

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Did you see that whole ebay section? It's so awesome, right?! I'm teaching ALL my secret tricks that makes me sell my stuff EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!

If your ads aren't selling, you'll learn why.

If you've never sold on ebay, you'll learn how to rock sales and everything you need to do to place ads that actually get the money.

Sarah Titus, Instructor
Sarah Titus, Instructor

Here's what you can do...you can make money online doing just about anything. I've been making money online for 22 years. I was in high school when I started. It's CAKE to make money online, the REAL challenge is not hustling your butt off to do it.

I worked 80-120 hours a week for 3 years. Started drinking coffee just to keep up. Ended up in a wheelchair (started fainting and tore my tendon). I was a mess. Making money, yes. But hustling.

Wanting a better way, I started a Shopify store, something I could set up and run nearly passively. Sick and tired of the scams affiliate marketing companies pulled, it was time to make my OWN products.

In the past 36 months I've had my Shopify store, I've made $10.7 million dollars in revenue (not profits), all without running any Facebook ads or advertising to date.

And now...NOW, I work 9-10 hours a week (my assistants work 7-10 hours a week also) and I make a good chunk of money.

For me, it's not about the money. It never has been. My LIFE isn't about money! That's God's department to help me survive, not mine. 💕

It's been about getting my life BACK.

To stop hustling.

To stop working so much.

To set up an empire on AUTO-PILOT!!!!!!!

One that makes me money while I sleep, play with my kids, travel, or anything I want!

Something I'm passionate about and can create with my own hands so I'm not dependent upon anyone else.

Here's my question...

If you only had to work 10 hours a week (and money was taken care of completely so your husband could even quit his job), how would your life be different? What would you do with all that extra TIME? How different would your life be from now?

"I see myself having more direction after using the information & skills that Sarah has created. I’m always excited about information that I have gained from her."

- Ginger

Frequently Asked Questions

What skills or background did you have to help you start out?
I've been in sales for 21+ years at this point. I've been trained professionally and by trial and error. I know what works and what doesn't and my #1 personal skill is strategy. It's incredibly easy for me and I want to make it easy for you too!
Do you have a refund policy?
We originally had a refunds policy in place, but had to close it because we were getting too many scams. There is no longer any refund policy in place. If you'd like to read our full refunds and payment policy, please see our Terms of Use: https://www.milliondollarshop.com/p/terms
How do I contact you?
There's a "Contact Me" link in the footer on the right hand side. :)
Is there a time limit to complete the course by? How long do I have access to the course material?
This course is designed to be a learn-at-your-own-pace type of course. That being said, the course can't help you if you don't go through it. My highest recommendation is to take 2 weeks to a month and solely focus on just this ONE project. That's really the only way to get anywhere in life. Taking 1-2 things at a time and doing them WELL. You have access to the course indefinitely. You won't get kicked out or anything and can reference it anytime you want, which many students do. This course will be evolving and growing as I do and updated frequently. Updates are provided free of charge. <3
Is my debit card and information safe?
I take great pride in keeping your information safe as I have been doing this for 21 years. When I worked in banking, I was bonded for $100,000. Meaning, that's how much money a bank trusted me to have cash in my hands! Quite a big accomplishment in the banking world, but I held some pretty prestigious positions. I've always been extremely trust worthy with other people's money in any business I've been a part of. My courses are no different. I've partnered with Stripe and Paypal (a company I've been using since they OPENED!) Your information couldn't be any safer!
Do you update the program as the internet grows and develops with new technology, apps, and ideas?
Absolutely. Although, my strategy is to focus on things that DON'T change. Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. I focus on TEACHING a man to fish. Long term strategies that don't change a lot. No "shiny" here. :)
How long would it take for a newbie with no email list to start seeing success with this system if I do everything exactly as you lay it out in the course?
It really depends on what you go with. Some of the topics you can make money today, some will be a year. For ANY entrepreneurial business you start (like starting a Shopify store, blog, network marketing, stuff like that), it usually takes about a year to REALLY see stable GOOD income. Sometimes, you'll hit on something faster and see faster results, sometimes you'll see trickles of things here or there, but it's usually about a year IF you're giving it your full attention. Someone who's only putting in a few hours a week is going to grow a lot slower than someone putting in more hours and really working things. That's why this course in particular is so vital. If you go in the WRONG DIRECTION for a year, you LOST a year!!! No one has time for that.
Will the subjects be taught in detail? Like you have how to sell printables in Shopify but you have the course as well.
All the topics are taught in as much detail as I can, but there are a few topics, where it's more an overview b/c there's no way I can cover everything in one module (such as how to create printables, blogging, how to sell courses, how to set up Shopify, etc.) I have other in-depth courses for those things. :)

"My absolute favorite was the Shopify section. I’ve been on fire ever since I read that part and then got your advice! I’m sooo close to launching. Taking pictures of meals was another mind blower!"

- Lisa

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