How to Price Your Course With Confidence

Stop working so hard, bust through your mindset blocks, and attract the right buyers to you!

The BIGGEST MISTAKE so many people make when producing products is charging the wrong amount.

I see Shopify stores that put binders and planners for sale for $57 because that's what I price MINE at.

Others think to themselves, "Well, I'm not NEAR as good as HER so I'll price mine at $17."

BOTH mentalities are WRONG!

With courses, it's very much the same thing.

Teachers are like, "Well, I'm not Dave Ramsey, so I have to price my financial course at $49".


"Everyone else in my niche is charging $197, so that's the price I need to charge too."

Listen, I've learned over the years there's ONE THING you NEVER (I repeat, EVER!) compete on....and that's price.

If you're going by what others are doing, you're working at this completely backwards. You won't get to those super high numbers.

Here's the thing, if YOU don't value YOURSELF, why the HECK would anyone else?!?!?!?!

If you're getting beat up by some guy, and you let him, that's on you. We can all agree, that woman should get out of that situation and not let it happen.

But yet, so many of us stay in abusive mentalities and never get out.


There was a time where I was homeless. I had over $30k+ in debt and the walls were closing in on me. I had to change my mentality.

Could I go from $0 to millions overnight? No.

Anyone who tells you that you can is a scam artist. RUN!

It takes years, but if you don't change your mentality NOW, you can't make more money in the future.

You have GOT to get out of those nasty mindsets.

How much you make is directly dependent upon how you think about things.

"Don’t finish off your course with your price until you have taken this course! Before I even came up with some of my course ideas I already had an idea of where I would price my course. Boy was I wrong! Sarah not only got me out of the negative mindset I had, but she also broke down why and how I should price each one of my courses. It all made sense and built even more confidence within me. Take Sarah’s advice and you won’t regret it."

- Atasha

I know this one girl. I follow her on Facebook (long story). She annoys the heck out of me.

She is forever and a day complaining about her life and how she has to work some crummy job and how it's lame and she doesn't make enough and she's in a lot of debt and lives a meager life and it's just all this negativity ALL. THE. TIME.

Literally, after a while, you begin to dislike her so very much. She's just always complaining and YET, she never does anything about it.

She went to college and yet, works at fast food?

Wait, WHAT?

Change your life lady!

DO SOMETHING about it.

You're not STUCK where you're at or with whatever hand you were dealt with. I was dealt a homeless hand. A $30k+ debt hand because my ex-husband was obsessed with blowing money left and right.

But I didn't stay there and you don't have to either!

And that's the point of this course. You'll see things differently. I'm not going to let you get away with those mindsets that keep you stuck and keep you poor.

My job is to help you make more money and in order to do that, you need to know WHY and how to charge more. :)



"Sarah is real and down to earth. While going through this course, I felt like my best friend was guiding me and have no doubt that Sarah has my best interests at heart. I feel like anyone with any doubts while building a course needs to go through this course first. It will help you see that you’re not alone and change your mindset so that you can stop using excuses and get past any fears. This is a course that I can see myself going back to whenever I am going through a rough time and need some motivation."

- Laurie,

You CAN ask what your worth and I'm going to show you HOW.

  • HOW to ask for more.
  • HOW to charge for more.
  • HOW to position yourself as someone OTHERS know your worth, so you can charge more.
  • HOW to figure out that sweet spot of pricing FOR YOU.
  • HOW to get to a point of being able to charge more if you can't right now.
  • How to have the confidence to move forward, past all those stumbling blocks
  • HOW to make your course so GOOD, people won't even blink when you tell them the price. They are hungry to buy from YOU!
  • and so much more!

I don't care if you been selling courses for a long time or you're just starting out, this course is for you.

If you want to make MORE money doing the same amount of work as everyone else (something I'm SUPER good at) ;) this is the course that will show you how.

I work LESS than MOST of my peers and yet, without running any Facebook ads or advertising (yet, I will one day, but not yet), I still smoke them in income.

THIS is why!!!

It's the underbelly of what people DON'T see, why I make so much money. It's all wrapped up in this course! If you take ONE new course this year, I want it to be THIS ONE. Because this is the reason why. Right here. This is it. This is how to make seven figures.

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"Sarah is the one-stop-shop in the world of blogging. She never ceases to amaze me. I’m a huge fan of all of her work as well as her courses, including the Pricing Your Course with Confidence. I know when I get to the point of creating courses and pricing, I’ll be confident in doing so. A wealth of information from a successful and honest blogger. Love her heart. Thank you for giving your all. <3"

- Kelly,

Take a peek inside the program...

Course Curriculum

"Before taking How to Price Your Course With Confidence, I was scared to even create a course. Who was I to educate someone when I have no teaching experience? I had no confidence at all. There was also the fear I would be sharing all my secrets that helps my business be successful. After taking Sarah’s course, my mindset changed for the better. Now, I am excited to share what I know and how to go about pricing my course. Sarah has an easy to read writing style that makes it easy to understand and implement her strategies. I would definitely purchase another course from Sarah!"

- Becky,

Sarah Titus, Instructor
Sarah Titus, Instructor

Here's what you can can make money online doing just about anything. I've been making money online for 22 years. I was in high school when I started. It's CAKE to make money online, the REAL challenge is not hustling your butt off to do it.

I worked 80-120 hours a week for 3 years. Started drinking coffee just to keep up. Ended up in a wheelchair (started fainting and tore my tendon). I was a mess. Making money, yes. But hustling.

Wanting a better way, I started a Shopify store, something I could set up and run nearly passively. Sick and tired of the scams affiliate marketing companies pulled, it was time to make my OWN products.

In the past 29 months I've had my Shopify store, I've made $7.1 million dollars in revenue (not profits), all without running any Facebook ads or advertising to date.

And now...NOW, I work 9-10 hours a week (my assistants work 7-10 hours a week also) and I make a good chunk of money.

For me, it's not about the money. It never has been. My LIFE isn't about money! That's God's department to help me survive, not mine. 💕

It's been about getting my life BACK.

To stop hustling.

To stop working so much.

To set up an empire on AUTO-PILOT!!!!!!!

One that makes me money while I sleep, play with my kids, travel, or anything I want!

Something I'm passionate about and can create with my own hands so I'm not dependent upon anyone else.

Here's my question...

If you only had to work 10 hours a week (and money was taken care of completely so your husband could even quit his job), how would your life be different? What would you do with all that extra TIME? How different would your life be from now?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have a blog to make sales on courses?
Nope! You can get traffic and make money on courses in a myriad of ways. Blogging, is just ONE way!
Will I need to buy ads?
You can if you want…I never have. :) I’m cheap. I will eventually, but I haven't thus far and it just proves that it's not mandatory to do, even while creating a 7-figure courses empire.
What skills or background did you have to help you start out?
I've been in sales for 22 years at this point. I've been trained professionally and by trial and error. I know what works and what doesn't and my #1 personal skill is strategy. It's incredibly easy for me and I want to make it easy for you too!
Do you have a refund policy?
We originally had a refunds policy in place, but had to close it because we were getting too many scams. There is no longer any refund policy in place. If you'd like to read our full refunds and payment policy, please see our Terms of Use:
How do I contact you?
There's a "Contact Me" link in the footer on the right hand side. :)
Can I find this information free online?
There are very few true leaders out there today, who learn on their own, by trial and error BECAUSE it's a slower process and it's harder. I've been learning in this way for 21 years! While there may be a couple pieces that you see elsewhere, it's all my OWN work. I take great pride in doing my own work, not copying answers from other people. My mom taught me from a young age, you wanna get ahead in life, you do the work yourself and be able to show how you got there. This is truly a one-of-a-kind program. My unique experience, superior business skills, and genuine heart give me an advantage over any others that may come along after me and try to teach what I do. There's no one else on the planet like me. This pricing strategy is something I I alone created when I was selling on ebay. I've applied it to every business model I have (blogging, Shopify, courses, etc.) There's a lot of strategy in there in order to get you to your desired target: setting a price that will attract the right buyers, all while making the most money you possibly can, AND still have your courses sell like hotcakes.
Is there a time limit to complete the course by? How long do I have access to the course material?
This course is designed to be a learn-at-your-own-pace type of course. That being said, the course can't help you if you don't go through it. My highest recommendation is to take 2 weeks to a month and solely focus on just this ONE project. That's really the only way to get anywhere in life. Taking 1-2 things at a time and doing them WELL. You have access to the course indefinitely. You won't get kicked out or anything and can reference it anytime you want, which many students do. This course will be evolving and growing as I do and updated frequently. Updates are provided free of charge. <3
Is my debit card and information safe?
I take great pride in keeping your information safe as I have been doing this for 21 years. When I worked in banking, I was bonded for $100,000. Meaning, that's how much money a bank trusted me to have cash in my hands! Quite a big accomplishment in the banking world, but I held some pretty prestigious positions. I've always been extremely trust worthy with other people's money in any business I've been a part of. My courses are no different. I've partnered with Stripe and Paypal (a company I've been using since they OPENED!) Your information couldn't be any safer!
Do you update the program as the internet grows and develops with new technology, apps, and ideas?
Absolutely. Although, my strategy is to focus on things that DON'T change. Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. I focus on TEACHING a man to fish. Long term strategies that don't change a lot. No "shiny" here. :)
After taking this course, will I know what to price my course at?
Absolutely! After going through all the course material, you'll know exactly what is the right path for YOU specifically and you'll understand what kind of brand you want to build and why.
What if I haven't started with Teachable yet, will this course still be right for me?
Absolutely! In fact, it's better if you haven't started it up yet. You want to have a solid strategy going in BEFORE starting up your courses. However, if you already DO have a school on Teachable and you've been creating courses that aren't selling, you will want to go back and re-consider everything you're doing from start to finish in order to get you to that successful line you want to be at.

Join over 147,685 lives touched by Million Dollar Shop Products!

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