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Do you want to be a part of a secret, underground Facebook group where you can snag products being sold to the public, but to YOU, they are absolutely free?!?!

Me too! lol.

--> Maybe you're a mom who wants to get free QUALITY stuff you can't get free anywhere else.

--> Maybe you're a Shopify store owner or a Teachable teacher and you wanna get your products into the hands of people, gaining exposure, traffic, and reviews.

You're in the right place!

I get SOOOOOO irritated with all these Facebook groups EVERYWHERE saying, "NO promoting".

It's really hurts everybody because if we can't see what others are working on, often times when they are starting up, they give free stuff and we miss out on all those goodies!!!

We need a place to go where we can actually help people and support each other!

Where we can share our own stuff.

Where we can get free stuff from others.

So here's the deets...

When you enroll, you get access to the EXCLUSIVE Facebook group where you get to share your paid products with others by giving them free access/free discount codes. You build your email list super fast.

You also get access to tons of cool stuff and introduced to all kinds of new (and AWESOME) ladies like YOU, as well as products that are sold everywhere else, but here, in this private Facebook group, they are 100% FREE!

You'll get inspired by seeing what everyone else is creating.

Everyone gets an engaged community to hang out, make friends, and chat with like-minded people.

I get the joy of helping my audience, helping my friends with Shopify stores, and bringing everyone together. <3

Literally everyone wins!

But don't wait. I promise you that the price of this awesome opportunity will only go UP over time, because more and more people will join and it will become more valuable. YOU get the rare opportunity to join NOW and get in at a fraction of the price.

Join over 147,685 lives touched by Million Dollar Shop Products!

On occasion, randomly, I may share your product with my entire email list!

I've done that in the past and it's always worked really great. Everyone loves it.

Check out what Viktoria said when I shared her freebie in my newsletter list (Viktoria received 982 downloads in that one email- an instant email list!)...

"You shared one of my products to your email list a couple of months ago and it had such a snowball effect on my business. I’m so grateful that you chose my product to share :)"

- Viktoria,

...and when I shared The Savvy Couple's (Kelan and Brittany) product, they got 1,171 downloads!

"I am so blessed to have been able to partner up with you to be able to share our Budgeting Binder with your email list. They were able to get a great product and Kelan and I were able to see HUGE growth with our email list. What an amazing opportunity!"

- Brittany,

This Facebook group currently has 149 members in it and is scheduled to open to my email list on 10/16/19.

A few of the things you can expect to get free in the group...

Budgeting Binder {20+ pages}:

Deluxe Home Binder {47 pages}:

Cleaning Binder {78 pages}:

Goal Setting Planner {30+ pages}:

(Yes, this binder in particular includes COMMERCIAL license; you can put it in your store and resale it too! FA FREE!!!!)

Small Business Planner {67 pages}:

Forever Grateful Gratitude Journal {40+ pages}:

Hand Lettering Bundle {444 pages}:

The value of just these four products alone is $318 retail and seriously there's SOOOO much more!!!

"I can't believe how many cool free products there are."

- Becky,

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I get access to the Facebook group?
For life (so long as you don't break the rules; rules are in the curriculum section of this page). :)
How do I contact you?
There's a "Contact Me" link in the footer on the right hand side. :)
Do you have a refund policy?
We originally had a refunds policy in place, but had to close it because we were getting too many scams. There is no longer any refund policy in place. If you'd like to read our full refunds and payment policy, please see our Terms of Use:
Is my debit card and information safe?
I take great pride in keeping your information safe as I have been doing this for 21 years. When I worked in banking, I was bonded for $100,000. Meaning, that's how much money a bank trusted me to have cash in my hands! Quite a big accomplishment in the banking world, but I held some pretty prestigious positions. I've always been extremely trust worthy with other people's money in any business I've been a part of. My courses are no different. I've partnered with Stripe and Paypal (a company I've been using since they OPENED!) Your information couldn't be any safer!
How often can I post in the group?
As much as you want, just be careful. If people see you posting too much, they'll ignore you.
What types of products can I give in the group?
Anything that's in your Shopify or Teachable platforms. Could be physical or digital products. Could be courses, printables, stock photos, etc., anything that you sell. :)
Are participants only allowed to share things that are in Shopify or Teachable?
That's correct. ONLY things that are in Shopify or Teachable are permitted (this guideline is firm and will not change). There are many reasons for this decision, however, when I was testing out a lot of the other platforms, those that I tested are all designed to make someone fail in one way or another (those companies make me MAD b/c I feel bad for that mom just trying to help her family). I'm not saying that other platforms can't make people money. However, I personally can't support anything less than the best. I can't support someone wasting their time trying to build another platform and it failing. Wasting their time and energy and then thinking it's THEM that they can't sell their stuff and it's not. It's the platform. In my heart, I am 5,000% picky about which companies I support. I do NOT do any sponsored posts and haven't for years and years. As a Christian, who I stand behind is important. Another main reason is because there's no list of Shopify stores out there. I've been doing Shopify for a couple years now, and it's really hard to determine who has a Shopify store and who doesn't. You want to see other people and what they're doing. It helps us to know and see examples. We can't SEE examples, because there's no list anywhere online. Having this group limited to Shopify (and Teachable), my goal is to eventually put out a master list of all the shops on Shopify so when we want to be inspired or see what our peers are doing, it'll be a lot easier. That list, over time, will become very valuable! :)
Do I have to be selling stuff already to join?
Nope! That's the beauty of this!!! You can be there solely to get free stuff (not giving anything away), OR you can promote your stuff if you create it. Literally, this group is for EVERYONE. Both sides of the coin. <3
What are the Facebook group rules?
1) Absolutely NO asking or sharing of HOW products are made/created or any Shopify / Teachable teaching questions allowed. This group is for sharing and getting free stuff only. No strategies, advice, or teachings will be tolerated. 2) You may not list on behalf of someone else. It needs to be your OWN Shopify store or Teachable courses. 3) Shopify stores and Teachable ONLY. Absolutely NO other stores/platforms are permitted. 4) Please double check all discount codes BEFORE listing them in the group. 5) All items shared must be $0 or have a discount code to bring the total down to $0 but it must be something that is regularly SOLD (as in, not free). 6) No redistributing the free items, unless specifically given rights to do so. Basically, don't get a free item and give it to 10 of your friends. Share the discount code instead. 7) Be kind and polite and keep all products and speech family friendly.

Join over 147,685 lives touched by Million Dollar Shop Products!

Get started now!